Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Victor Abiamiri

No Eagles rookie - not even quarterback Kevin Kolb - has had a more impressive training camp than Victor Abiamiri, the late second-round pick out of Notre Dame.
Abiamiri has played bigger than 6-4, 267 pounds, and don't look for that to change when the Eagles take on the Ravens in Baltimore next Monday.
Abiamiri won't go away because he is as instinctual as he is fundamentally sound. He not only knows how to throw his weight around, but has turned into an art form of sorts.
Abiamiri rarely is out of position. He stands up offensive tackles and pulling guards, preventing running backs from getting the edge on him and pushing them back into the middle of the field where the pursuit is.
Abiamiri is going to get a lot of playing time if he stays healthy. Remember this is a guy a chunk of draft people projected as a first round pick, a guy the Eagles were so shocked to see on the board so late in the next round.
At this point, Abiamiri is almost strictly a run-stopper, something the Eagles haven't had on the edge since Derrick Burgess was healthy. Abiamiri might never be the double-digits sack guy he was at Notre Dame, but he will drop his share of quarterbacks and will see a lot of time in the defensive end rotation providing he stays healthy this season.
Speaking of healthy, he hasn't missed a practice and always seemed to be on the field for the Fighting Irish. Just doing that - coupled with his ability - almost certainly would give him a long and steady, if not illustrious career.


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