Monday, August 18, 2014

LeSean McCoy has turf toe

LeSean McCoy returned to practice Monday after sitting out the previous session with a mild case of turf toe.

McCoy said X-rays and MRIs of the left big toe were negative and his playing time would depend on his pain threshold.

“I feel like if I hurt it too much I’ll shut it down,” McCoy said. “But I warmed today and it felt good. I could feel it still but I could push through it. In this league you have to learn how to play with pain.”

The toe became an issue during practice last week with the Patriots. McCoy made a cameo in the preseason game against the Patriots Friday night.

“It was really bothering me,” McCoy said. “During the game it kind of was real, real sore … and a couple days before that. I was trying to play through that. Yesterday it really was hurting pretty bad. It’s fine. I felt a little bit better today so I went for it.  And I actually pushed through practice. I don’t know what I did as far as my reps and my workload today. But I was kind of getting into it. I started warming up. And I need to work anyway so I just pushed through practice.”

Among key players, wide receivers Jeremy Maclin (knee, hamstring) and Riley Cooper (foot) participated in the open phase of practice but were limited in team reps.

Running back Chris Polk (hamstring) did not practice. He hasn’t worked since the beginning of camp.

Polk’s absence has opened the door for undrafted rookie Henry Josey, who had eight rushes for 56 yards and caught a 27-yard scoring pass from Matt Barkley in the 42-35 preseason loss to the New England Patriots.

“Henry got more than his share of reps,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “And he made the most of it.”

Wide receiver Damaris Johnson also benefitted from Polk’s absence as he also played running back in the second preseason game.

“Damaris, heck he played three different positions for us,” Shurmur said. “That’s a huge thing for a guy.”

Johnson caught three passes, including a five-yard touchdown from Mark Sanchez and had seven rushes for 14 yards. Johnson also averaged 6.3 yards on three punt returns and returned a kickoff 27 yards.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Commercial sends wrong message

LeSean McCoy likes to kid around.

But he takes his job seriously.

I'm guessing McCoy will figure out there has to be a better way of pitching a household product than to mock the NFL's performance enhancing substance program.

Here it is:

Poking fun at the program basically insults Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL Players Association, who helped craft it for the safety of players.

The press conference thing and the breaking news angle are interesting. The content insults the NFL, the union and their attempts to deal with a serious issue. And it sets a poor example for youth.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eagles practice at Franklin Field

The Eagles are practicing today at Franklin Field, where they played home football games from 1958-74.

While admission is by ticket only, with a little luck you might be able to score some of the free passes from people who don't want to battle the crowd. Luck is the operative word.

LeSean McCoy reaches out to fans.
Franklin Field.

The VIP guest list today includes Eagles great Chuck Bednarik, who played on the 1960 championship team here.

Among the sights and sounds:

Marcus Smith and Mark Sanchez sign autographs.

Among other Eagles greats, Pete Retzlaff, Chuck Bednarik.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

McCoy says 'yes' to 2,000 rushing yards

They said it couldn't be done.

But after O.J. Simpson broke the 2,000-yard rushing barrier in barely 14 games in 1973, seven others have done it, most recently Adrian Peterson in 2012.
Eagles running back LeSean McCoy clearly wants to be No. 8 judging by the tweet he sent on his certified Twitter account.

@CutonDime25: This is THE YEAR!!!! My potential is #2000yards. Will Will it? Stepping up my training and signs point to yes.

Eagles teammate Darren Sproles has McCoy's back. He says McCoy has the strength and the elusive running style to meet the challenge.

Here's the NFL's 2,000 rushing yard club:

1973 O.J. Simpson (Bills) 2,003
1984 Eric Dickerson (LA Rams) 2,105
1997 Barry Sanders (Lions) 2,053
1998 Terrell Davis (Broncos) 2,008
2003 Jamal Lewis (Ravens) 2,066
2009 Chris Johnson (Titans) 2,006
2012 Adrian Peterson (Vikings) 2,097
2014 LeSean McCoy (Eagles) 2,???

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Patriots repulse Cary Williams

Cary Williams can think of a million things he'd rather do than practice next week with the New England Patriots. He sees no benefit in doing so, unlike Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

Williams respects his head coach. He just doesn't feel the same way about the Patriots having put up with their arrogance and rules-stretching antics during a tour with the Baltimore Ravens.

If the Patriots even think about messing with Williams next week they're asking for trouble,. 

"I don’t care about whether they come after me or not,” Williams said. “That doesn’t scare me. My mentality has never been a punk, never been a guy that’s going to be a scared guy. I don’t play this game in fear … at all. I fear no man. As far as I’m concerned, hey, you put your pants on as well as I put my pants on. So we’re going to man-up when we get there.”

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Matthews leaping every little hurdle

With a small handful of wide receivers slowed by injuries, Eagles second-round pick Jordan Matthews has stepped to the forefront at training camp.

No pass catcher has shown more improvement here than the 6-3, 209-pound product of Vanderbilt who set SEC receiving record after SEC receiving record.  

"I like his size, his hands and the way he finishes," Eagles great Mike Quick, one of the top receivers in franchise history said. "He works like he’s the last one on the list. And I like that."

Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur echoed Quick.

"Every little kind of hurdle we’ve given him as he prepares himself for the season he’s done a great job of jumping over," Shurmur said. "And he just continues to get better and better every day. Just like all our players, we have high expectations for him."

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Greene whispering 'sweet nothings' to Smith

The way Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis sees it, no outside linebacker rushed the passer any better than Kevin Greene.

Greene led the league in sacks in two different seasons and with 160 quarterback drops, trails only Bruce Smith and the late Reggie White on the all-time NFL list.

With Davis' blessing, Greene was brought in Sunday to tutor the Birds pass rushers including rookie Marcus Smith.

"Athletic as all get-out, no doubt," Green said. "He brings a lot of skills, a big skills set to the table. I'm whispering sweet nothings in his ear every chance I can.

"It feels good to be part of Philadelphia for a couple days and try to impart some wisdom on these green kids."
Billy Davis.

Greene is buds with Davis, who coached him during his 15-year playing career.

"He shouldn't even be here this week," Davis said. "He should be getting a gold jacket. The guy's got 160 career sacks, and I know I'm prejudiced, but I really do believe it's time for him to be in the Hall of Fame."

The Hall of Fame induction ceremonies were held Saturday. Greene is staying through Tuesday.

"His knowledge of really the simplicity of the pass rush and what he's bringing here," Davis began. "To help us to pick his brain on how he did it, the players are grabbing him on how he did it. He he had a very basic fundamental way of rushing the passer that he's bringing to our guys."

Greene spent considerable time talking to linebacker Marcus Smith II, the Eagles' top overall pick in the spring draft.

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