Thursday, June 26, 2014

NFL officiating school graduates

Get ready for the new breed of NFL official.
Green telling Bill Belichick to chill.

Veteran referees Mike Carey, Scott Green and Ron Winter have been finessed out the door. They're replaced by Brad Allen, Ronald Torbert and Craig Wrol.

Additionally the league has hired 13 graduates of the NFL Officiating Development program, which trains college officials for work in the bigs.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eagles holding open practice at Penn

The Eagles are slated to hold one of three practices open to the public at Franklin Field.

That session is on Friday, July 25. Tickets to that event are free and available starting Wednesday, July 16 at 10 a.m.  by logging onto The limit is six per order. Call 215-898-6151 for more information. Or try

Lincoln Financial Field
The open practices at Lincoln Financial Field are Monday, July 28 and Sunday, Aug. 3. Admission is free and tickets aren't necessary.

Training camp begins at the NovaCare Comple Friday, July 25. The Eagles will practice with the Patriots in Foxboro for three days leading up to their Aug. 15 preseason game. Last year the Patriots worked with the Eagles at the NovaCare Complex the week of their exhibition game. 

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ricky Watters becomes head coach

Former Eagles running back Ricky Watters has become a high school head coach.
Click here for the link to the piece about Watters' new career. Look for him to lean on coaches and teammates from the past as he finds his way in the new venture.

Watters already has a proven story of a life less he learned with the Eagles. It's the 'for who, for what' drama.

Watters led the Eagles in rushing from 1995-97 after winning a Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kelly set to open training camp July 25th

Chip Kelly put a date on the start of Eagles training camp.

Kelly said he wouldn't see his players for 35 days. That would take them to July 25, a Friday.

“I think the important thing for them is it's not getaway day," Kelly said Thursday before the final minicamp practice. "We have another day to improve and get out there and get better as a football team, and I think that's their approach right now. They've had a good session so far this morning and we'll go out and wrap it up. I think the real message is it isn't getaway day. It's let’s finish up strong, it's our last opportunity to get some real good quality work in before we come back here on the 25th, and I think they feel the same way."

After a respite, the coaches will get back to work. The same with the players albeit on an individual basis.

"I don't look at this as any break from what we've just done," Kelly said. "This is our life's choice and we enjoy it. This isn't like Fred Flintstone and 'yabba-dabba-do' and we're trying to get out of work. It's another day. And we'll finish with some different things before we get some time off. I don't think anybody in our situation as coaches is like `I can't wait to get out of there.' Most are like `I can't wait to get back in there.' "

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Minus drama, life is different for Eagles

The LeSean McCoy presser was winding down, the Pro Bowl running back obviously weary of answering the same tired questions he'd addressed weeks ago.

So I asked Shady what it was like being part of an offseason almost totally lacking in drama. Alas, a smile.

"We like the quarterback controversies, we like all that type of stuff, man," McCoy said. "So it’s a little different going into this camp."

In all seriousness, the Eagles have slammed the door on the drama that regularly consumed at least a portion of the offseason. Yes, the month of March was hairy as fellow scribe Zach Berman pointed out, but since then it's been a clean sheet on the drama front. And McCoy thinks that's a good thing.

"It gives us more time to focus," McCoy said. "The last couple of years we had so much attention on this team for all the wrong reasons. Now we’re just preparing. We came off a good season last year which ended too early. We want to capitalize on that, win the division again and, hopefully take over where we left off."

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Nolan Carroll II flashing skills

The Eagles brought veteran Nolan Carroll in to play press coverage.

Chip Kelly bristled when it was suggested Carroll II was an under-the-radar signing.

Kelly said Wednesday Carroll (6-1, 205) would push Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher for playing time and contribute on special teams as a gunner.

"We didn't think it was an under-the-radar signing," Kelly said. "Obviously I don't write the articles. And thank goodness we didn't read them because he didn't feel that way to us. We had him targeted very early as a guy we wanted to bring into this organization. I think he's got the requisite length that we're looking forward at the corner spot. Especially as an outside corner. He's an outstanding special teams player.

"I've been really impressed with Nolan in the short time that we've had him here. I think he's stuck out. and I know some of you guys are excited he's stuck out."

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eagles hope bigger is better on DLine

Sports radio princess Rhea Hughes and yours truly discussed the Eagles' defensive line on her CSNPhilly Lunch Break show today.

Bigger isn't always better. But the Eagles think they've accomplished both ends of the equation through the draft and as Miss Hughes points out, Chip Kelly's scientific training program. Defensive tackle Benny Logan says he jumped from 306 to 319 pounds while his body fat decreased 2 percent.

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