Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Over-under on Foles' picks this year

You know you've arrived when the bookies have turned you into a side bet.
Looks like the nephews are messing with the Foles pics again.

So it is for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. Last year he threw just 2 interceptions in addition to 27 touchdown passes.

According to Bovada (, @BovadaLV), the over-under on Foles' interceptions in the 2014 regular season is 9 1-2. Bet 9 or less and you win the under. Ten or more gets you the over.

And oh, by the way, the over-under for DeSean Jackson touchdowns with Washington this year is, appropriately enough, 6.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Parkey relives FG return, upset of 'Bama

Eagles rookie kicker Cody Parkey was an extra in a historic game last year.

It was Auburn, ranked No. 4, hosting top-ranked Alabama. The game was tied with 1 second left when 'Bama's Adam Griffith lined up a 57-yard field goal attempt that would have defeated the Tigers and Parkey.

"I was warming up and getting ready to go to overtime," Parkey said. "Their kicker had missed three or four (field goal attempts) and I was like, 'he might miss again and in overtime I’m going to have to hit a game-winner.' As an Auburn kicker that’s the biggest compliment you can get is hitting a game-winner against Alabama."

Parkey barely had taken a couple of cuts when teammate Chris Davis came barreling up the Auburn sideline.
The attempt fell a yard short and into the hands of Davis, who galloped 109 yards for a score against the field goal protection team of the Crimson Tide.

"I saw him miss it and I was like, '(Davis is) going to get tackled,'" Parkey said. "And he just runs right past me. Everybody asks, how was that game? It was crazy. It was nuts."

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Pink-slipped Vandervelde says #FlyEaglesFly

The Eagles released center Julian Vandervelde Tuesday with an injury settlement.
Julian Vandervelde.

The organization decided to go in another direction from the Iowa product who is rehabbing from back surgery.

Vandervelde is a class act. No Eagle has been more resilient since the day he arrived as a fifth round pick in 2011.

Upon his release Vandervelde ripped off a series of tweets:

"I want to thank the ownership, management, and coaches of The Philadelphia Eagles for believing in me and giving me a chance to play ball.
"My focus now is on rehab and how I can better myself for the road ahead. Whatever the future holds, Philadelphia will always be in my heart.

"God has given me this tremendous experience and opportunity for which I will be forever grateful. I love my brothers and wi
ll miss them.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Running back choices not so tough

Pat Shurmur takes on another weak question.
Anyone else tired of hearing about the so-called tough roster decisions the Eagles have to make at running back?

Beyond defending NFL rushing champion LeSean McCoy and explosive third down back Darren Sproles, you could pick the other one or two backs out of a hat ... no disrespect to Chris Polk, Matthew Tucker, Henry Josey.

Chip Kelly's offensive system is so running back friendly that wide receiver Damaris Johnson looked comfortable in the backfield against the Patriots.

"We're going to keep the best guys no matter how many we keep," Shurmur said. "We could keep three, four or five guys. We could keep as many as we want. There's no rules, really. That's a good group. We've seen production out of all those guys. You don't necessarily keep a big one, a little one and a medium sized guy. You try to keep a running back that's going to fit and do the things that we do whether it's the first, the second or the third."

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Steelers running backs busted

Le'Veon Bell might not play when the #Steelers oppose the Eagles tonight at Lincoln Financial Field.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

LeSean McCoy has turf toe

LeSean McCoy returned to practice Monday after sitting out the previous session with a mild case of turf toe.

McCoy said X-rays and MRIs of the left big toe were negative and his playing time would depend on his pain threshold.

“I feel like if I hurt it too much I’ll shut it down,” McCoy said. “But I warmed today and it felt good. I could feel it still but I could push through it. In this league you have to learn how to play with pain.”

The toe became an issue during practice last week with the Patriots. McCoy made a cameo in the preseason game against the Patriots Friday night.

“It was really bothering me,” McCoy said. “During the game it kind of was real, real sore … and a couple days before that. I was trying to play through that. Yesterday it really was hurting pretty bad. It’s fine. I felt a little bit better today so I went for it.  And I actually pushed through practice. I don’t know what I did as far as my reps and my workload today. But I was kind of getting into it. I started warming up. And I need to work anyway so I just pushed through practice.”

Among key players, wide receivers Jeremy Maclin (knee, hamstring) and Riley Cooper (foot) participated in the open phase of practice but were limited in team reps.

Running back Chris Polk (hamstring) did not practice. He hasn’t worked since the beginning of camp.

Polk’s absence has opened the door for undrafted rookie Henry Josey, who had eight rushes for 56 yards and caught a 27-yard scoring pass from Matt Barkley in the 42-35 preseason loss to the New England Patriots.

“Henry got more than his share of reps,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “And he made the most of it.”

Wide receiver Damaris Johnson also benefitted from Polk’s absence as he also played running back in the second preseason game.

“Damaris, heck he played three different positions for us,” Shurmur said. “That’s a huge thing for a guy.”

Johnson caught three passes, including a five-yard touchdown from Mark Sanchez and had seven rushes for 14 yards. Johnson also averaged 6.3 yards on three punt returns and returned a kickoff 27 yards.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Commercial sends wrong message

LeSean McCoy likes to kid around.

But he takes his job seriously.

I'm guessing McCoy will figure out there has to be a better way of pitching a household product than to mock the NFL's performance enhancing substance program.

Here it is:

Poking fun at the program basically insults Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL Players Association, who helped craft it for the safety of players.

The press conference thing and the breaking news angle are interesting. The content insults the NFL, the union and their attempts to deal with a serious issue. And it sets a poor example for youth.

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