Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shanahan still killin McNabb

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said he told quarterback Donovan McNabb exactly what he expected of him after his trade from the Eagles.

But McNabb obviously didn't take it to heart. Wouldn't wear the wristband with plays as well as some other stuff if appears. Shanahan made that clear in this piece:

Then again, why would Shanahan bring a veteran quarterback in and tell him to change?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Signing of Jenkins meant the end for Bunkley

Minutes after the Eagles agreed to terms with defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins on a 5-year contract Saturday, they sent Brodrick Bunkley, the defensive tackle drafted in the first round in 2006, to the Cleveland Browns for a fifth round pick in 2012.

The 6-2, 305-pound Jenkins notched 7 sacks in 11 games with the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. He could earn $25 million over the length of the contract. Bunkley had 6 sacks in five seasons.

Cullen can play inside or outside, having started on the edge in the Packers' 3-4 defense last year but the Eagles want him to supply the inside push they didn't get from Bunkley.

"This is a guy we didn't think we'd would have the opportunity to acquire," Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said. "And the way things have worked out in the past few days, when the opportunity came to us we jumped at it. He's a highly coveted player."

Jenkins, who turned 30 in January, has 29 sacks in seven seasons.

Quarterback Vince Young calls retooled Birds "Dream Team"

It was the kind of roster you see in Honolulu, not Lehigh U.

Michael Vick, Jason Babin, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Vince Young and Jason Peters were the Eagles’ Pro Bowl players in uniform, although the newly signed Babin and Young cannot practice until Aug. 4th under terms of the proposed CBA. Nnamdi Asomugha was on his way. Multiple Pro Bowl talents DeSean Jackson and Asante Samuel were, uh, still part of the plan but not at work.

And Eagles fans enjoyed it all. All it took for them to break into the old “Eagles” chants was a salute from Young, on the sidelines. Young, who goes through coordinators and coaches like he wears out shoes, couldn’t help but be caught up in the moment. The Tennessee Titans always had talent. But they rarely imported it on the scale the Eagles have.

“Dream Team,” Young said. “From Nnamdi to Cromartie, from Jason to myself. And I know they’re going to do some more things. It’s beautiful to see what we’re trying to go. I’m all for it. Whatever they ask me to, to be a scout team quarterback, a quarterback learning, whatever it is I’m just happy to be a part of a team.”

Friday, July 29, 2011

Too busy to do Weaver right

The release of Leonard Weaver, the epitome of professionalism, did not go well.

And that's the least the Eagles could have done for the man who had done so much for them.

Weaver says he first found out from a member of the media, not the organization that he had failed the physical and would be let go.

You would think that maybe Andy Reid could make time to call Weaver. Or to even say something in a statement. Reid took a chunk of time saying good stuff about quarterback Kevin Kolb, who was traded.

Here's how it feels to be snubbed  from the perspective of a professional athlete via @leonardweaver:

"The kicker behind that is that the organization didn't call me and tell me. I had to find out by a reporter.

"Now I have mixed feeling about that because I gave everything I had to the organization, and I would think that they would at least call.

"And Let me know what was going on, but as I have learned over the years fans, business is business."

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eagles have money to redo deals of Vick, DJax and maybe DRC

Letting their veteran free agents walk and taking pass rusher Jason Babin out of circulation rather than the higher-priced Charles Johnson or Ray Edwards tells me the Eagles have budgeted for other needs.

That would be extending the contracts of quarterback Michael Vick, wide receiver DeSean Jackson and potentially cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, assuming the deal goes through.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Justice, Allen unlikely to be cleared for first camp practice

Starters Winston Justice and Nate Allen reported to training camp Wednesday for physicals that will confirm what they already know.

Coming off  knee injuries, they won't be cleared to practice Thursday.

Allen feels he's 90 to 95 percent rehabbed. Justice has issues.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vick's conflicting endorsements cost him money

Here's the piece about Michael Vick losing one of his endorsements because it conflicts with another -

Autograph Schedule

The schedule for Eagles players to sign autograph at training camp at Lehigh University:

July 30 - LBs and TEs

July 31 - RBs

Aug 1 - O-Linemen

Aug 3 - QBs and DBs

Aug 4 - D-Linemen

Aug 5 - WRs and Kickers

Aug 6 - O-Linemen

Aug 7 - QBs and DBs

Aug 8 - LBs and TEs

Aug 13 - RBs, WRs and Kickers

Aug 14 - D-Linemen

2011 Eagles training camp schedule at Lehigh

Wed., July 27 5:00 pm (Andy Reid) (all players report)

Thurs., July 28 3:30 pm (Juan Castillo) (closed to fans)

Fri., July 29 8:15 am (AR) & 2:45 pm (walk thru) (closed to fans)

Sat., July 30 8:05 am (M. Mornhinweg) and 2:45 pm (walk thru)

Sun., July 31 8:05 am (AR) and 2:00 pm (walk thru)

Mon., Aug. 1 8:05 am (JC) and 2:45 pm (walk thru)

Tues., Aug. 2 Players day off; no scheduled media availability

Wed., Aug. 3 8:05 am (AR) and 2:00 pm (walk thru)

Thurs., Aug. 4 8:05 am (Bobby April) and 2:45 pm (walk thru)

Fri., Aug. 5 8:05 am (AR) and 2:00 pm (walk thru)

Sat. Aug. 6 8:05 am (MM) and 2:45 pm (walk thru)

Sun. Aug. 7 8:05 am (AR) and 2:00 pm (walk thru)

Mon. Aug. 8 8:05 am (JC) and 2:45 pm (walk thru)

Tues., Aug. 9 Players day off; no scheduled media availability

Wed., Aug. 10 10:30 am (AR) (mock game, closed to fans)

Thurs., Aug. 11 Baltimore at Philadelphia, 7:30 pm

Fri., Aug. 12 Players day off; no scheduled media availability

Sat., Aug. 13 8:05 am (AR) and 2:00 pm (walk thru)

Sun., Aug. 14 8:05 am (JC) and 2:45 pm (walk thru)

Mon., Aug. 15 8:05 am (AR) and 2:00 pm (walk thru) Military Day

Tues., Aug. 16 8:05 am (MM) and 2:45 pm (walk thru)

Wed., Aug. 17 8:15 am (AR, mock game, no fans) break camp

Thurs., Aug. 18 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, 8:00 pm

Fri., Aug. 19 Players day off; no scheduled media availability

Sat., Aug. 20 Resume training camp at NovaCare Complex

Kolb trade hangup

The Eagles' trade of Kevin Kolb might not take place Tuesday.

Among other issues is the new contract a team acquiring Kolb would have in place to  protect their investment. And in these still uncertain labor times there's no cut and dry rules for paying a guy like Kolb, who is 3-4 as a starter in this, the final year of his contract.

It still appears unlikely Kolb reports to Eagles training camp Wednesday at Lehigh University. He wasn't at the Nova Care Complex Tuesday.

A report said the Eagles were trying to get a first-round pick for Kolb. The Cardinals want Kolb for comeback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Vick not sure if DeSean Jackson could holdout

A holdout for Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson?

Quarterback Michael Vick sounded as if that was a possibility.

Jackson wants his contact redone. The Eagles assured him it would be a priority during his exit interview.

Vick has spoken to DJax. On Tuesday he made it sound like he was bracing for a holdout by his teammate.

"Hopefully he'll be here tomorrow," Vick said. "DeSean just has some things to think about, some decisions to make that only he can make. I just don't know. I'm just being realistic about the situation."

Later Vick gathered himself.

"We're rooting for him," Vick said.
"Hopefully he'll be here. And you know, I think he will."

As for his own contract, Vick said he would like to be with the Eagles long term, not just this season.

But he's not going to worry about having a deal in place by Sept. 20th, the deadline for a franchised player to redo his deal this season.

"If I'm supposed to be here, I will be here," Vick said.

Eagles sign 9 rookie free agents

The Eagles added a chunk of rookie  free agents to their roster.

The list includes WR Perry Baker (6-2, 175) of Fairmount State, WR DeAndre Brown (6-6, 233) of Southern Mississippi and RB Graig Cooper (5-10, 205) of Miami (Fla.).

Additionally the Birds signed P Chas Henry (6-3, 219) of Florida, QB Jerrod Johnson (6-5, 251) of Texas A&M, LB Brandon Peguese (6-0, 230) lof Hampton, DT Cedric Thornton (6-4, 309) of Southern Arkansas, WR Terrance Turner (6-2, 220) of Indiana and TE Martell Webb (6-3, 276) of  Michigan.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Eagles open training camp at Lehigh U. Wednesday; return to South Philly Aug. 17

Updated Timeline
Monday: Players executive committee, player reps approve 10-year Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). League Free Agency List to be released.

Tuesday: Players report at 10 a.m. Teams can sign drafted and undrafted rookies and make trades. Teams can negotiate but not sign own free agents and unrestricted free agents.  Rosters expand to 90 players.

Andy Reid, Mike Vick & Camp Lehigh ... perfect together

Wednesday: Eagles and Cowboys are among the first 10 teams to report to training camp.

Thursday: Waiver wire starts. Players can be released starting at 4 p.m. Redskins among second 10 teams reporting  for training camp.

Friday: Full blown unrestricted free agency starts at 6 p.m. Giants among next 10 teams reporting to training camp.

Saturday:Texans and Jets report to training camp.

Aug. 4: First calender day of 2011 if CBA is ratified by players.

Eagles finalizing training camp plans with Lehigh U.

 U.With a players vote on the Collective Bargaining Agreement near, the Eagles are taking care of last-minute arrangements to hold camp at Lehigh University in Bethlehem.

Training camps now are scheduled to open Friday according to the NFL Network. The Eagles' first preseason game is Aug. 11. They must be out of Lehigh U. by August 17th to accommodate the university.

UPDATED: NFL Labor timeline

Monday: Players executive committee, player reps approve 10-year Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Tuesday: Team voluntary conditioning begins. Eagles can check in at the NovaCare Complex starting at 10 a.m. Teams begin signing drafted and undrafted rookies and free agents, including their own, and can make trades. All of it's conditional until the start of the calender year.

Wednesday: First 10 teams open training camp. Players report to team headquarters and begin voting on recertifying as a union.

Thursday: Waiver wire starts, players can be released starting at 4 p.m. Ten more teams report for training camp.

Friday: Free agency and trades can be consummated starting at 6 p.m.

Saturday: Last two teams report for training camp.

Unrestricted free agency starts Tuesday

NFL player representatives are scheduled to convene for an 11 a.m. conference call Monday, according to a source, to review the global settlement reached by the owners.

The executive committee has recommended the reps OK the deal. If the players approve it unrestricted free agency begins Tuesday, not Friday, according to the source.

Approval also would accelerate the timeline for players and teams to go back to work. Players begin reporting Tuesday. The players have to reconstitute as a union for the league calender year to start and formally begin training camps.

Teams could sign their draft picks and undrafted rookies today and unrestricted free agents to conditional contracts Tuesday. 

Players could begin reporting to team headquarters Tuesday.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

UPDATED: Vick wants Favre; Sterger undecided

Just after the Brett Favre rumors began heating up, they began a painfully slow death.

Initially Eagles starting quarterback Mike Vick, on his verified Twitter account wrote Sunday, "I would be honored to have Brett Farve as a backup...amazing Learning how to toy with defenses the way he did."

Jenn Sterger (@jennifersterger) hasn't weighed in on possible return of Favre.

That obviously got the attention of the Eagles, who were enjoying a fairly quiet Sunday.

Privately the Eagles aren't interested in Favre. The same with Jenn Sterger, who Farve reportedly had a texting scandal with during his stint with the Jets.

The tweet was conspicuously missing from Vick's Twitter timeline later in the day.

But don't rule Favre totally out if something awful happened to Vick. Favre, 41, knows enough up the West Coast Offense to run it without an  offseason. The only real question is whether his throwing arm and shoulder are up to another year in the NFL.

All of that said the Eagles would be much better served locking up a slightly younger veteran when they almost certainly trade backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. Free agency begins this weekend if the players recertify as a union and vote to approve the settlement NFL owners agreed upon. A majority vote is necessary to approve what would be the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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Hopefully it's a Favre-fetched rumor

Brett Favre has a good relationship with Eagles head coach Andy Reid.
Favre's aversion to NFL offseasons and penchant for delaying his decision to play another year of football has been lost in the labor dispute.
Brett Favre, approaching 42 years old, backing up Eagles whaleback Michael Vick this season?
Howard Eskin said on NBC10  Saturday evening  the Eagles could sign Favre, assuming the trade Kevin Kolb.
In terms of knowing the offense and not needing an offseason to step in and win games, it makes sense.
But the first time Vick struggles, guess what? And the second, third and fourth times.
God forbid Vick is sidelined by injury. Here we go again with musical chairs. That quarterback routine works just well enough to reach the playoffs.
The locker room definitely would be livelier with the addition of Favre. But that might not be such a good thing. Ask the Jets.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Free agency, training camp could begin next Saturday

Several reports indicate NFL players have reached agreement with the NFL to use club headquarters to vote on reconstituting as a union this Wednesday.
Once the union is whole, a majority vote approving  the settlement offered by the owners would set  off a chain of events.
Rookie draft picks and undrafted rookies could be able to sign conditional contracts.
Training camps and unrestricted free agency could begin next Saturday followed by the preseason in two weeks.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Eagles' Laws says players aren't bad guys for calling timeout to study global settlement

Veteran Eagles defensive tackle Trevor Laws said Friday NFL players need time to look into the owners' settlement reached Thursday because it will influence careers for the next 10 years.

After a workout at the Power Train Institute in Cherry Hill, N.J., Laws said there are some things he likes about the proposed deal - and a lot of items he and his teammates need to understand before approving it.

"It's just so much posturing and so much politics right now," Laws sai. "I think what the NFL did yesterday, people aren't taking it too well. It felt like kind of a power play by them. wasn't there. I don't know what's gling on for sure. But obviously a power play is going on right now."

Laws feels the positive energy heading toward a new Collective Bargaining Agreement wasn't helped by the owners' insistence that the players would agree to the new pact.

"It seemed like they were working together pretty well," Laws said. "Then when they kind of put that out there and made it seem like if the players don't sign it the players are the bad guys, I think that was kind of a calculated move by them just to make us look bad."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NFL owners vote for global settlement; players want to err on side of caution

Big Red is still a few days from 'injuries'
Don't expect NFL player representatives to quickly approve the global settlement NFL owners voted for aimed at ending the four-month lockout.

The owners voted 31-0 in Atlanta to ratify their resolution.

Several players expressed caution Thursday about diving head-first into an agreement without getting more comfortable with a 600-plus page agreement they are just beginning to try to understand.

While NFL owners were set to vote this afternoon in Atlanta - and by all accounts they will approve their end of the settlement - players could use a couple of days to absorb the proposed settlement that ultimately will shape football for at least the next 10 years.

That would push back a settlement leading to a new collective bargaining agreement as may of the owners, including Jeffrey Lurie of the Eagles, will attend the funeral this weekend of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mornhinweg's son chooses JoePa, Nittany Lions

Joe Paterno snatched another Philly-area quarterback.

Skyler Mornhinweg, the son of Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and product of St. Joseph's Prep, committed to Penn State Tuesday. But it wasn't is first choice.

Mornhinweg (6-3, 218) was headed to Stanford until Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh exited to take the head coaching job of the San Francisco 49ers.

Mornhinweg was ranked among the top 50 quarterback prospects by

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