Friday, September 30, 2011

Kevlar glove in the mail

Kevlar ready glove.
Michael Vick is getting uptight about the the Kevlar lined glove he ordered.

Vick kidded that there would be heck to pay if the glove protecting his non-throwing hand doesn't arrive in time to play the Niners Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

Vick wanted to at least practice wearing it. Hopefully that will happen at the Saturday mock game.

All of that said Vick still feels considerable pain in the injured hand that forced him out of the last game. And though the swelling has lessened, when he put both hands together it still was noticeably bigger than the throwing hand.

"It's sore, it's real sore," Vick said. "But you know what? I feel like I've played through worse. And I think the most important thing is to go out and just try to play and be conscious of protecting it but at the same time let it all go. If it's too much that I can't bear or something is really wrong, then I'll probably come out of the game."


Thursday, September 29, 2011

'They don't pay me enough to tackle'

If only one teammate has more tackles than Asante Samuel  this Sunday, as was the case last week, the cornerback is going to want a raise.

"They don’t pay me enough to tackle," he said after practice Thursday. "As everybody knows I’m not the tackling man. So when I have too many tackles, it’s a problem."

Samuel feels the Eagles can be a great defense, pointing to their talent. But he realizes the changes in personnel and coaching  have lengthened the learning curve.

No one is immune. Not even Nnamdi Asomugha, beaten last week for one of the eight total passing touchdowns the defense has allowed in the last two games.

"Everybody has a little oops here and there," Samuel said. "But if we had won, it wouldn’t look as bad. Nnamdi is doing fine.

“It’s a new coordinator this year. New faces in. We’re just trying to jell together. But I think we should be alright.”

UPDATED: Maclin limited at practice; Castillo says 'Guys who play the best are going to play'

Matthews, Coleman didn't play best.
Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin returned to practice on a limited basis Thursday despite the hamstring strain he suffered this past Sunday.

Quarterback Michael Vick worked for the second straight day, looking as if he never hurt his non-throwing hand. Vick ordered a Kevlar protective glove to go with his Kevlar thigh pads. Kevlar is a strong, durable and lightweight protective material typically used in bulletproof vests.

Defensive end Darryl Tapp, who missed the past two games with a strained pectoral muscle, practices fully for the first time since sustaining the injury in the season opener.

Earlier in the day Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo said starting rookie Brian Rolle at weak side linebacker over rookie Casey Matthews is an effort to get both players involved in packages that play to their strengths.

In a much more lucid moment Castillo commented on the lineup changes at linebacker and safety, where Nate Allen replaces Kurt Coleman explained.

"The guys that play the best," Castillo said, "those are the guys that are going to play."

That said, it doesn't sound as if Castillo is as upset with the play of Matthews as Eagles fans. Matthews still will get on the field but likely in a more limited role, including special teams.

It doesn't sound like rookie safety Jai Jarrett, the second-round pick out of Temple, will get on the field this Sunday against the Niners unless someone gets hurt in practice.

Castillo said when the time is right, Jarrett will play.

Eagles challenge: Stop Ted Ginn

Special teams coach Bobby April says Ted Ginn, the Niners' kick returner, "is about as good as it gets."

Ginn has a kick return for a TD this year with the Niners and is always a threat to break a long one.

Ginn also plays wide receiver, however, which could lessen his impact returning kicks later in games.

With Brandon Hughes out, rookie Curtis Marshall is likely to be activated Sunday. Safety Jai Jarrett (Temple) is getting close to playing in his first game per April. 

April intends to continue using DeSean Jackson as his primary punt returner, with Jeremy Maclin taking a turn when DJack is fatigued.

April also is looking forward to the return of kicker David Akers, who he coached. Akers is the all-time Eagles scoring leader.

"We can't wish him too much good luck," April said.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UPDATED: Twitterers hug it out

OK, the issue has been resolved.

And don't necessarily believe what you hear about it from Howard Eskin; he wasn't around. A lot of people weren't around or left the room when a couple of reporters worked through their differences over a Twitter war.

And it wasn't a fight. Not by any definition of the word. Here's the background:

Wednesday Night

Hold onto your handhelds.

A local Twitter war has erupted over the health of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Separates opinion tweets from hard news.
And the issue seems to be about what constitutes news, or a lack thereof.

In a nutshell the Philly broadsheet Eagles beat writer tweeted Tuesday that Vick is likely to start Sunday citing team sources in a link to a blog stating  'If the swelling goes down in Vick's hand and he's cleared to play by a doctor he will start for the second straight week ...'

That's basically what Andy Reid said at his news conference. If the swelling goes down in Vick's hand why wouldn't he play? He just signed a deal worth $100 million.

Then the Philly tabloid Eagles beat writer tweeted that 'nobody has any idea on Tuesday whether Vick is starting this week. And it was obvious Monday Andy thinks/hopes he will.'
Major Tweet.
The next thing you know the broad sheet beat writer delivered a nasty tweet attacking the tabloid guy for acting as if he made the blog up. And he also took shots at the age of the tabloid guy and his skills at breaking news.

Really the issue is news.

And if it's news you need, it's news you'll get - but not until it's news. At least not here.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Vick has contusion, not break; could play Sunday

CT Scan hand image.
The sun came up for Andy Reid in the form of a glowing medical report on Michael Vick.

Reid said a CAT Scan Monday morning showed Vick sustained a right hand contusion, not a break. The scan confirmed what two sets of X-rays did not.
"He still has a bunch of swelling in there that he's got to get out of there," Reid said. "It's sensitive to the touch right now. The positive is it's not a fracture."

Right now Vick's ability to play is tied to the swelling, not pain tolerance according to Reid.

Reid later said Vick "might be ready to play" Sunday against the 49ers if the swelling is significantly reduced.
"It's not to say that he can't play with the swelling," Reid said. "It's just going to be where he can bend his hand."
If Vick cannot play, Reid would choose between Mike Kafka and Vince Young. 

Big Red wasn't going to name one over the other, though. Young is good to go, though, having dressed Sunday after missing the first two games with a strained hamstring.

"I think he's very close to being back physically," Reid said. "Mentally I think he's there."

A loss that can get you fired

When Andy Reid truly reflects on his defeat to the Giants Sunday, he could well see it as the beginning of the end of his 13-year reign.

There's a Howard Eskin report Vick is out 3-4 weeks with the broken hand. That's an optimistic timetable. The way Mike Kafka played in relief Sunday, Vince Young has to be the QB. And VY needs to learn the offense.

The way the defense is playing, the Eagles will be lucky to win half of those games. Speaking of defense, whose idea was it to hire Juan Castillo as coordinator? To play Casey Matthews at MLB? At WLB?

Eagles players are sniping at their own defense that in the second half couldn't get a stop against a Giants offense missing most of its firepower. DeSean Jackson said the offense is counting on the D to get stops.

Players also are dismayed about the offensive play calls in short yardage. The players are as confused about the calls as their fans. On a positive note, the players  believe the problems can be fixed. At least  before there was more of a prognosis on  Vick.

Then there is Andy Reid. He clearly is feeling the heat as he's off to one off his worst starts ever with probably his most talented team ever. It's also one of management's priciest teams.

Reid Bill Belichicked  the media after the Giants game, giving short and smug answers to questions. Belichick has three Super Bowl titles, of course. If the slide continues Reid won't be around for one.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Players second-guess coaches after frustrating loss to Giants

Andy Reid did his impression of a hostile witness under oath at his post-game news conference Sunday.

Overwhelmed by questions about injured quarterback Michael Vick, who suffered a broken right hand the week after sustaining a concussion, Big Red said he wanted to talk about football.

Bad idea. What could he say with even a hint of optimism after overseeing a 29-16 loss to the Giants, who aren't very good when they're healthy?

After the loss Reid's players questioned his judgement. How could he send Vick into the middle of the line in short yardage after he got the concussion in his last start?

How could the Eagles run three straight times into the middle of the Giants line on a goal-to-goal situation when the opposition was playing a defense daring them to run outside?

Andy Reid ripped into his guys after the game. Players said he was angry. He was angry at them, angry at the media. Most of all he was mad at himself for a very ugly Eagles 1-2 start.

Time to get back on their feet.

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All 3 QBs active for Birds

With Michael Vick returning from a concussion, the Eagles kept all three of their quarterbacks active for the Giants.

In addition to Mike Kafka, who backed up Vick in the opener, Vince Young dressed out for the game. Young was scratched the first two weeks after straining his right hamstring.

Trent Cole's camouflage look.
The Eagles also scratched their top three rookie draft picks for the second time in three games - guard Danny Watkins, safety Jaiquawn Jarrett and cornerback Curtis Marsh.

Offensive tackle Winston Justice and rookie guard Julian Vandervelde joined defensive ends Darryl Tapp (pectoral strain) and Juqua Parker (ankle).

Read more »

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Giants Rolle targeted by Eagles

The Eagles' wide receivers still are trying to figure out what Giants safety Antrel Rolle meant when he said he could defend Pro Bowl pass catcher DeSean Jackson.

Privately one Eagle doesn't think Rolle could defend any of his team's wide receivers. Yet here's what a confident Rolle said to Giants beat writers:

"I've handled DeSean Jackson one-on-one before. I don't see why I wouldn't be able to do it again."

One Eagle said Rolle must have been rewinding to 2008 when he and the Cardinals beat the Eagles in the NFC title game at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Jackson caught 6 passes for 92 yards, including a picturesque 62-yard score on current teammate Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Rolle started at safety, not cornerback, and had 4 tackles but no passes defensed.

Other Eagles remain puzzled. What's clear is they cannot wait to watch the subplot unfold Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

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Join Eagles fancast Sunday

I can't come on without a tie?
Who's your boss?
Before the Eagles home opener against New York Giants we will  be broadcasting live from the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot.

The Eagles live fancast will be hosted by editor Phil Heron and Steve Lienert with appearances by Moi, columnist Jack McCaffery and a mystery guest from Eagles management.

If you are at the game, come over and join us for the festivities. If you can't make it, point your browser right here as we give you the inside look on the game.

Friday, September 23, 2011

VY impersonator a 1 or 1.5 on 1-to-10 likeness scale

Now we know why Vince Young didn't want to comment about the man eventually arrested for impersonating him.

The real Vince Young.

One look at video released by the Prince George's Police Department after taking Stephen Pittman into custody Friday and it's apparent Young was insulted anyone could even remotely think he looked like the alleged punk accused of ripping off people for appearance fees, autographs and so on.

Could you find a balding, aging, out-of-shape suspect any less like VY, 28, than the 33-year-old Pittman?

Vick expects to play Sunday

Wants to make the Giants deal with him for 60 minutes.
The Eagles list quarterback Michael Vick questionable for  their home opener Sunday with the Giants.

There is no question in Vick's mind that he's over the concussion and will play.

Additionally Vick relishes the chance to take his shot at the Giants who have said they personally want to take him out of the game. Vick reads the papers, you know?

“They want me out of the game because they don’t want me to be in the game,” Vick said. “Having to deal with me for 60 minutes, I mean, I understand the magnitude of that. So it’s fun. It’s a game. We’re going to have fun. I look forward to the challenge competitively. And we’re excited about it over here. I know they’ve been doing a lot of talking. But you know, they’re the New York Football Giants.”
Told us Vick would start.

Eagles defensive ends Juqua Parker (ankle) and Darryl Tapp (strained pectoral muscle) are out this Sunday.

 With quarterback Vince Young (hamstring) questionable, Mike Kafka looks very much like the backup again this week.

The Eagles have beaten the Giants in six straight games, most recently by 38-31 after Vick keyed a rally of 28 unanswered points in the final 7-minutes, 18-seconds.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Castillo says linebacker changes aren't necessarily permanent

Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo shuffled the positions of his starting linebackers to lessen the gaps enabling the opposition to pick up huge chunks of yardage.

Moving Jamar Chaney to middle linebacker, rookie Casey Matthews to the weak side and Moise Fokou to the strong side isn't necessarily where the trio will stay.

"We're interchangeable," Castillo said Thursday. "It's all about gap responsibility. I've got to do a better job in the run game.

"We'll see how we go with this."

Chaney will make the calls. Castillo believes that will make Matthews more comfortable.

"Any time you want to point the finger at him you point it at me," Castillo said. "He's my responsibility."

Castillo also said the decision to shake up the linebacker position "went through Coach Reid.

"We talk about this on a daily basis," Castillo said adding "The question you're asking is am I a good enough coach to get this done? The answer is yes."

Revisiting DeSean Jackson's 65-yard punt return

Special teams coach Bobby April lit up Thursday addressing DeSean Jackson's dramatic 65-yard punt return giving the Eagles a 38-31 win over the  Giants last December.

Jackson bobbled Matt Dodge's punt before finding daylight.

"When he dropped it I said let's just recover it so (the Giants) don't get another chance to score," April said. "He went from zero to 20 yards - that was a Deion Sanders -type explosion - very rare. And then I was just scanning the field for flags to make sure it wasn't called back. It was really unbelievable."

Jackson is returning punts again this year.

Also, rookie running back Dion Lewis solidified the kickoff return job last week with a stellar effort against the Falcons.

Lewis had a long return called back by a holding penalty.

"He's really good at it," April said. "I think he's going to just keep on getting better and better at it. We've got to block a little bit better for him. The kid knows how to run with the ball. I think he could be a really good one."

McCoy not apologizing for tweet

Making the 'O' for Osi?
LeSean McCoy could have found some better words.

But he's a running back, not an English major. While he didn’t intend to insult Osi Umenyiora or his Giants teammates when he tweeted the veteran pass rusher was "overrated and soft," and the third best defensive lineman on his team, well, maybe it is tough for a running back to convey what he meant in words.

McCoy said he was trying to give props to teammates of Umenyiora, whom he says are good.

 “I didn’t want it to blow up like that," McCoy said. "I guess it was something to talk about in the offseason. I’m not saying I’m apologizing. I’m just saying I wish I would have said it differently. Because they’re a good team and he’s a good player. I didn’t mean it like that.”

With 12 1-2 sacks in his last 10 games against the Eagles, Umenyiora obviously was offended. He said the Giants call McCoy “Lady Gaga” and that the back yapped like a Chihuahua.

"I don’t think I play like Lady Gaga,” McCoy said. “I actually have some pretty good stats. I don’t know where Lady Gaga came from.

“Maybe I’m attractive like a Chihuahua. I don’t know. I think they’re just doing it for fun. In this league a lot of guys battle each other but I think in the long run it’s like a union. There’s a lot of respect for both parties. I respect Osi. You look at his stats in his career, he’s a great player. A good player.”

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coughlin: 'Michael Vick will start'

Thinks Vick starts.
Giants head coach Tom Coughlin expects Michael Vick to start at quarterback this Sunday for the Eagles, regardless of the concussion questions.

Just in case., the Giants also are preparing for Mike Kafka and Vince Young but not Brett Favre, who remains retired.

"We will prepare as diligently as we can and refine it as it goes along," Coughlin said on a conference call Wednesday. "That's basically the way we would operate."

Steering clear of Giants players comments that they wanted Vick to start this week - a slice of the trash-talking going on at Exit 16W in the wake of the devastating loss to the Eagles last year - Coughlin became evasive.

"All I've said about that is if Michael Vick can possibly play, he will play," Coughlin said. "I have not heard any of that stuff. As far as I'm concerned, and I think as far as our players are concerned, last year was last year and this is a new year and new teams and we're going in and trying to take advantage of the moment."

Coughlin said he was was "surprised and disappointed but that's part of the business so we move on" when Steve Smith signed with the Eagles.

Asked why he was disappointed Coughlin replied, "Why? Because Steve's a good football player."

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On second thought, Jenkins will appeal $15K fine for hit on Falcons QB Ryan

Eagles defensive end Cullen Jenkins was anything but shocked when he received the FedEx envelope from the NFL notifying him he'd been billed $15,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

The contact occurred after Jenkins broke free on a bull rush up the middle.

"It's just funny to me that you can throw a punch and not get that much in a fine for it," Jenkins said. "I should have just gone up and punched him and then I could have gotten less. I don't know, it's crazy. We still don't know how the fine system really works with the amounts. It is what it is."

Jenkins says he knows of a former teammate who threw a punch getting a fraction of his bill for hitting the quarterback. 

UPDATED: Vick warms up but doesn't practice

Michael Vick, three days removed from a concussion, participated in the Eagles' walkthrough Wednesday morning.

Head coach Andy Reid was optimistic Vick might be able to take snaps at practice in the afternoon but that didn't happen.

"We'll just see how things go," Reid said. "If he can't go the other guys will take the reps.

"I'm fortunate to have three guys I can go to."

The other guys are quarterbacks Mike Kafka and Vince Young.

Kafka finished the Sunday night loss to the Falcons as VY was scratched for the second straight game due to a strained hamstring,

Vick, on the other hand, is being monitored almost minute by minute. 

"I'll tell you right now, he's right in the middle of this process and everything is progressing," trainer Rick Burkholder said, adding the MRI Vick underwent Tuesday was negative. "He's in a very close range to being right back to where (his baseline was) in the summer."

Under the NFL's concussion guidelines players take a baseline test upon reporting to training camp.

Vick also took an impact test Tuesday. Burkholder feels the veteran would need one more slightly better such test to continue making progress.

Reid to announce first-team QB

At his news conference in a minute or so Andy Reid finally will tell us who takes the first-team snaps at practice today.

Is it Mike Kafka, who did a stellar job in relief in the Sunday night loss to the Falcons?

Or is it Vince Young, who hasn't practiced fully since training camp due to a strained hamstring.

Or is it Michael Vick, who sustained a concussion Sunday night?

The buzz around One NovaCare Way is Vick is a real possibility to play this weekend.

Vick still has a ton of tests to pass, though, along with an evaluation by an outside neurologist, if you will.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vick tests could take 7 days

The Eagles haven't formally ruled Mike Vick out of their Sunday home opener against the Giants.

But trainer Rick Burkholder basically said Monday that Vick won't play this week due  to the concussion he suffered Sunday night against the Falcons.

Speaking about the Eagles' concussion treatment and testing protocol Burkholder noted "There’s a lot that needs to go on over the next three, four, five, seven days.

"But you know we have it outlined, and we’ve done that before and this isn’t our first go-round.”

Kind of scooped head coach Andy Reid, who simply adores declining comment on the obvious (like the Giants aren't already preparing for Mike Kafka and Vince Young).

Obviously there isn't enough time to prepare for a Giants team that wants revenge for what Vick did to them last year.

But don't believe me. Take it from the trainer.

(Georgia Dome)

Kafka gives Eagles best chance to win right now

Michael Vick's concussion makes him questionable for next week when the Eagles open their home schedule against the New York Giants.

The Eagles prepared for this scenario by signing Vince Young - who is hurt. Young is coming off strained hamstring.

Andy Reid gave his patented "we'll see" answer when asked if VY would be ready this week.

If the Eagles have any sense left Kafka should get the start this week. If VY isn't totally mobile he'd pretty much useless against the Giants.

Never thought I'd be saying this because Young is 30-17 as an NFL starter while Kafka saw his first action Sunday night.

But it's obvious Kafka gives the Eagles the best chance to win right now.

(Sadly this truck was gone after the game)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eagles activate Watkins

After sitting out the opener, Eagles first round draft pick Danny Watkins made his debut in uniform last night.

The Eagles kept Watkins live and scratched rookie sixth-round pick Julian Vandervelde.
For the second straight week the Eagles scratched their second and third picks in the 2011 draft including safety Jaiquawn Jarrett and cornerback Curtis Marsh.

Quarterback Vince Young (hamstring), linebacker Akeem Jordan (shoulder),  defensive end Darryl Tapp (strained pec) and cornerback Brandon Hughes also were scratched.

Not on Vick's bandwagon ... That's what she said

Katrina is the kind of loyal fan anyone would want.

And she's not  going to be hooting and hollering for Michael Vick when he's introduced tonight at the Georgia Dome.

Katrina is an Atlanta Falcons fan. And obviously proud of it.

And a great tie-in with NBC, which televised the event.

Georgia Dome on this day

Fairly peaceful now, all heck will erupt at 8:20 p.m. when the Eagles oppose the Atlanta Falcons here at the Georgia Dome (NBC Channel 10).

Andy Reid has won three straight dome games after losing two in a row.

The Falcons will have some serious explaining to do if they lose. Like, what's the sense of building a team to compete with the defending SB champion Packers if you can't beat the Bears and the Eagles?

A loss for the Eagles and Michael Vick in his second homecoming means a complete loss of swag entering the home opener next Sunday against the Giants.

Lofa Tatupu decision 'soon'

Veteran middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu is closing in on where he will play this year.

Lofa Tatupu thanks his creator for A.J. Feeley.
Tatupu isn't out of football because no one wants him according to the National Football Post. Rather, he's looking for the right fit.  And that could happen "soon."

If the Eagles and rookie Casey Matthews continue struggling in their run defense Sunday night against Michael Turner and the Atlanta Falcons, he would be a pretty good alternative provided he's healthy. Tatupu had offseason surgical work on his knees.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

McCoy is FedEx Ground winner

For my money, UPS rules.

But if you're an NFL running back, you can't do much better this early in the season than being voted FedEx Ground NFL Player of the week as LeSean McCoy was.

McCoy beat out Ray Rice of the Ravens and Ben Tate of the Texans to take the honor that is important in getting a guy noticed. McCoy, who rushed for 122 yards and scored two touchdowns to beat the Rams in the opener, might have been in the Pro Bowl rather than a first alternate had he nailed a couple of these.

Now, as far as UPS my personal experiences with them are excellent. They got a replacement smart phone to me in 12 hours via Asurion service, which also is amazing (highly recommended for smart phone owners). Almost as uplifting is no one had to sign for the phone unlike another service that always seem to deliver when I'm at work.

Friday Eagles injury report

Out: Defensive end Darryl Tapp (pectoral muscle)

Questionable: Quarterback Vince Young (hamstring), cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (ankle)

Remember this Eagle who broke  his foot in a mosh pit?

Probable: Safety Nate Allen (knee), OT Winston Justice (knee), defensive end Juqua Parker (foot), wide receiver Steve Smith (knee).

Nnamdi and at risk youths

TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager caught up with Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who is using his success to help at-risk high school students get the education they deserve.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The kickoff point of no return

Kickoffs from the 35 have everyone on edge.
To insure the Eagles don’t start the game on their 12-yard line as they did in the opener, special teams coach Bobby April has reinforced his kickoff return rule.

April also will have rookie Dion Lewis, who was at the goal line for the kickoff, drop back five yards into the end zone.

Kickoffs behind Lewis aren’t to be returned. Teammate Riley Cooper, also in kickoff formation, will let Lewis know if he’s gone beyond the point of no return.

“Past five yards, I take a knee,” Lewis said.
What’s baffling about the strategy is last year the Eagles wouldn’t return a ball five yards deep in the end zone. With kickoffs moved up to the 35-yard line and touchbacks ruling the early games, it’s as if the Eagles are willing to surrender five yards of field position.

“Four or five yards we wouldn’t have brought it out, ever,” April said. “I as we go along we’ll know what to expect. … I don’t really know the answer right now. I’m kind of guestimating that five yards is it. Anything more than that, you probably have a greater probability of getting it at the 20.”

No. 100 for Vick

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick plays in his 100th  regular season game Sunday night.

Coincidentally the milestone game pits him against his old team, the Falcons.

Eagles quarterbacks Ron Jaworski, Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb all played more than 100 career games.

In the Merrill Reese rankings, none of those players threw a better ball than Vick.

"The purest spiral I've ever seen," Reese, the voice of the Eagles said. "The ball spins so much you can practically hear it humming."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hanson would replace Rodgers-Cromartie; Hunt possibly active

At his news conference Wednesday Andy Reid indicated veteran Joselio Hanson would replace Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie as the Eagles third cornerback against the Falcons.

That also would open the door for rookie cornerback Curtis Marsh to see his first NFL action.

Also, if Darryl Tapp (pectoral) can't play Sunday, first-year player Phillip Hunt would be active. Hunt led the Eagles in sacks in the preseason.

Reid: Ryan a 'really good player'

Andy Reid praised Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, the product of Penn Charter and Exton.

"I think he's a really good player," Reid said at his Wednesday news conference. "He's got good presence."

Rodgers-Cromartie on injury list

Eagles head coach Andy Reid said Wednesday cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has a twisted ankle and won't practice as the squad gets ready for the Atlanta Falcons Sunday night.

Additionally linebacker Akeem Jordan and defensive end Darryl Tapp (pectoral strain) won't practice and quarterback Vince Young still is nursing a strained hamstring.

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Escape artist

You're allowed one more look at Michael Vick's amazing escape and 17-yard run in the opener against the St. Louis Rams.

If Vick still has his legs late in the season this is the kind of play that can take the Eagles to Indianapolis, site of the Super Bowl.

The Rams are rushing eight. Vick got away from all of them.

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