Friday, September 30, 2011

Kevlar glove in the mail

Kevlar ready glove.
Michael Vick is getting uptight about the the Kevlar lined glove he ordered.

Vick kidded that there would be heck to pay if the glove protecting his non-throwing hand doesn't arrive in time to play the Niners Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

Vick wanted to at least practice wearing it. Hopefully that will happen at the Saturday mock game.

All of that said Vick still feels considerable pain in the injured hand that forced him out of the last game. And though the swelling has lessened, when he put both hands together it still was noticeably bigger than the throwing hand.

"It's sore, it's real sore," Vick said. "But you know what? I feel like I've played through worse. And I think the most important thing is to go out and just try to play and be conscious of protecting it but at the same time let it all go. If it's too much that I can't bear or something is really wrong, then I'll probably come out of the game."



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