Monday, September 26, 2011

A loss that can get you fired

When Andy Reid truly reflects on his defeat to the Giants Sunday, he could well see it as the beginning of the end of his 13-year reign.

There's a Howard Eskin report Vick is out 3-4 weeks with the broken hand. That's an optimistic timetable. The way Mike Kafka played in relief Sunday, Vince Young has to be the QB. And VY needs to learn the offense.

The way the defense is playing, the Eagles will be lucky to win half of those games. Speaking of defense, whose idea was it to hire Juan Castillo as coordinator? To play Casey Matthews at MLB? At WLB?

Eagles players are sniping at their own defense that in the second half couldn't get a stop against a Giants offense missing most of its firepower. DeSean Jackson said the offense is counting on the D to get stops.

Players also are dismayed about the offensive play calls in short yardage. The players are as confused about the calls as their fans. On a positive note, the players  believe the problems can be fixed. At least  before there was more of a prognosis on  Vick.

Then there is Andy Reid. He clearly is feeling the heat as he's off to one off his worst starts ever with probably his most talented team ever. It's also one of management's priciest teams.

Reid Bill Belichicked  the media after the Giants game, giving short and smug answers to questions. Belichick has three Super Bowl titles, of course. If the slide continues Reid won't be around for one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reid has always given smug, condescending answers that is not new. The question is, how long are the Eagles faithful going to settle for mediocrity? Lurie and Banner only care about money and Reid's shortcomings are as long as his belt.

September 26, 2011 at 9:06 AM 

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