Thursday, September 22, 2011

Castillo says linebacker changes aren't necessarily permanent

Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo shuffled the positions of his starting linebackers to lessen the gaps enabling the opposition to pick up huge chunks of yardage.

Moving Jamar Chaney to middle linebacker, rookie Casey Matthews to the weak side and Moise Fokou to the strong side isn't necessarily where the trio will stay.

"We're interchangeable," Castillo said Thursday. "It's all about gap responsibility. I've got to do a better job in the run game.

"We'll see how we go with this."

Chaney will make the calls. Castillo believes that will make Matthews more comfortable.

"Any time you want to point the finger at him you point it at me," Castillo said. "He's my responsibility."

Castillo also said the decision to shake up the linebacker position "went through Coach Reid.

"We talk about this on a daily basis," Castillo said adding "The question you're asking is am I a good enough coach to get this done? The answer is yes."


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