Sunday, September 25, 2011

Players second-guess coaches after frustrating loss to Giants

Andy Reid did his impression of a hostile witness under oath at his post-game news conference Sunday.

Overwhelmed by questions about injured quarterback Michael Vick, who suffered a broken right hand the week after sustaining a concussion, Big Red said he wanted to talk about football.

Bad idea. What could he say with even a hint of optimism after overseeing a 29-16 loss to the Giants, who aren't very good when they're healthy?

After the loss Reid's players questioned his judgement. How could he send Vick into the middle of the line in short yardage after he got the concussion in his last start?

How could the Eagles run three straight times into the middle of the Giants line on a goal-to-goal situation when the opposition was playing a defense daring them to run outside?

Andy Reid ripped into his guys after the game. Players said he was angry. He was angry at them, angry at the media. Most of all he was mad at himself for a very ugly Eagles 1-2 start.

Time to get back on their feet.

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