Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UPDATED: Twitterers hug it out

OK, the issue has been resolved.

And don't necessarily believe what you hear about it from Howard Eskin; he wasn't around. A lot of people weren't around or left the room when a couple of reporters worked through their differences over a Twitter war.

And it wasn't a fight. Not by any definition of the word. Here's the background:

Wednesday Night

Hold onto your handhelds.

A local Twitter war has erupted over the health of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Separates opinion tweets from hard news.
And the issue seems to be about what constitutes news, or a lack thereof.

In a nutshell the Philly broadsheet Eagles beat writer tweeted Tuesday that Vick is likely to start Sunday citing team sources in a link to a blog stating  'If the swelling goes down in Vick's hand and he's cleared to play by a doctor he will start for the second straight week ...'

That's basically what Andy Reid said at his news conference. If the swelling goes down in Vick's hand why wouldn't he play? He just signed a deal worth $100 million.

Then the Philly tabloid Eagles beat writer tweeted that 'nobody has any idea on Tuesday whether Vick is starting this week. And it was obvious Monday Andy thinks/hopes he will.'
Major Tweet.
The next thing you know the broad sheet beat writer delivered a nasty tweet attacking the tabloid guy for acting as if he made the blog up. And he also took shots at the age of the tabloid guy and his skills at breaking news.

Really the issue is news.

And if it's news you need, it's news you'll get - but not until it's news. At least not here.

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