Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eagles sign rookie safety Ryan Hamilton and hire west coast college scout Daniel Jeremiah.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ESPN: Eagles are 'third tier team'

The Eagles are about to go through that ugly Packers transition from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers according to ESPN's Pat Kirwan, who knows the NFL like the back of his hand.
Kirwan feels the Birds are a third-tier team which is to say an organization that could make the playoffs.
The first-tier teams are the defending Super Bowl champion Saints, Colts, Vikings, Packers, Chargers and the hated Cowboys.
The second tier is composed of the Jets, Giants, Patriots, Ravens, Bengals and 49ers.
This piece is worth the read:

Monday, May 24, 2010

McNabb invited Kolb to Kids Clinic

Believe former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb when he says he wishes Kevin Kolb the best.
Kolb said McNabb invited him to McNabb's Kids Football Clinic that will take place Saturday, June 12, at the Memorial Sports Complex in Marlton, N.J.
"He called to ask if I could make it," Kolb said after practice Monday. "I'm going to be doing my own camp so I won't be able to make it."
McNabb is expecting former Eagles teammates Brian Westbrook, Jamaal Jackson, Todd Herremans, Jason Avant, Quintin Mikell, Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin, Bobby Taylor and Chad Lewis to help out at the camp, as well as several of his new Redskins teammates.

Top QB's, not DB's attend OTA's

Eagles quarterbacks Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick joined teammates for organized team activities Monday.
The top two defensive backs did not.
Veterans Asante Samuel and Quintin Mikell had more important things to do. And that should be duly noted as the Eagles are rebuilding their defense from the ground up.
These camps are as much about who shows up as what is being taught.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Save a roster spot for Shipley

A.Q. Shipley doesn't pass the eyeball test.
But put the decorated center between two maulers and let him do his thing and there's a very, very good chance he earns a roster spot with the Eagles this year.
Here's how he sizes up his chances:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A 'Hall' of a competitor

Chad Hall, the 5-8, 187-pound 2nd Lt. in the Air Force, quietly is having a solid rookie camp. After spending his first handful of practices catching almost everything thrown his way, Hall is getting comfortable running routes. Like the stop-and-go-route leading to one of the top grabs of Thursday. Lining up wide, Hall beat double coverage and ran under a deep ball from rookie quarterback Mike Kafka.
Truth be told, there is no press coverage or pass rush on the passer. That said, Hall is looking as comfortable as some of the players who have been in the offense much longer.
Hall, 23, is a 2008 graduate of Air Force Academy, where he starred at wide receiver and running back. He caught the eye of an Eagles scout at a recent Pro Day at the University of Utah, then gladly trekked to Philly for a workout before signing a contract. The Eagles look at him as a Wes Welker-type slot receiver.
Hall had been supervising the maintenance of 28 F-16s in the Air Force, a 12-hour per day operation.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jean-Gilles' weight-loss program: Milkshakes, soup, gastric band surgery

The writing might be on the wall for Max Jean-Gilles, who needs to have the training camp of his life to stick around for a fifth season with the Eagles, who are getting away from one-positional O-line players.
But Jean-Gilles is feeling good about the guy he sees in the mirror.
After hitting 388 pounds, he's shed 30 thanks to a diet of protein milkshakes and soup following the gastric band surgery limiting the food his stomach will hold.
Jean-Gilles was stepping out at practice Wednesday for select veterans and rookies.
The next step for Jean-Gilles, 26, is to regain his strength as he's been unable to workout for fear he will rip open the gastric band. Now, that's an ugly image for any 358-pounder.
"I'm feeling good," Jean-Gilles said. "I'm bouncing around out there. The coaches like what they see."
So does Big Max.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Westbrook en route to Redskins

OK, we can live with just Donovan McNabb playing for the Washington Redskins.
One man does not a team make, right?
Well, now former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is headed to Snyderville (
basically because McNabb has been lobbying for him. Yeah, Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson already are in D.C. But they're also washed-up.
And they are not West Coast Offense backs (Portis has a bit of WCO experience, though) which is what Mike Shanahan will run with McNabb. Westbrook is the quintessential WCO weapon. And if he's shaken the cobwebs from those concussions the Eagles suddenly have another guy to worry about in their home and home series with the Skins in 2010.

Monday, May 10, 2010

FYI: Eagles players agree with DeSean Jackson

Working the locker room at minicamp it became obvious that several players agree with what later became the incendiary comments  of DeSean Jackson in his interview with the Sporting News.
Jackson told TSN he didn't think the Eagles had "lost anything, even with (Donovan) McNabb being gone."
Unlike Jackson, those Eagles figured their similar thoughts were better left unsaid, as they have to play the traded veteran and the Washington Redskins twice this season.
Moreover some of the Eagles grew weary of McNabb's career-long contradiction that he's been a winner wherever he's been but that the team - not just one guy - is responsible for those crushing losses.
At any rate, all of this is talk. The games will determine just how much the Eagles lost by ditching McNabb.
And though I've suggested on occasion it really was time to turn the page on McNabb, the Eagles aren't going to be scoring points as they did with No. 5 in the saddle. Not initially.000
Kevin Kolb is a natural born leader. He's also a work in progress. And he doesn't make the deep throws McNabb launched so effortlessly.
Kolb's real-time knowledge of the offense is all the Eagles have right now as they've divested themselves of not just McNabb, but running back Brian Westbrook and wide receivers Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown. Those guys knew where to line up. They taught the young guys as much as they could in a limited time.
Jackson is entitled to his opinion. But right now the Eagles have lost something without McNabb. It's the deep ball, baby. Get used to it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

McNabb's Skins jersey No. 2 in sales; Kolb breaks into list

NFL jersey sales aren't the be-all and end-all.
But the numbers do speak to the popularity of players and fan bases.
Which leads us to this poll in which former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb's Redskins jersey was the second-most popular in the month of April.
The guy who was more popular wasn't Kevin Kolb, although he emerged on the following list:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vick still not comfortable with backup role

Michael Vick wasn't complaining. But it's fairly obvious he's not doing cartwheels over his role backing up Kevin Kolb.
A little history. Vick was the first player selected in the 2001 draft. Kolb was a second-round pick in the 2007 draft.
"It’s different running with the two’s," Vick said Sunday after minicamp ended. "I never had to do that before. Even when I got here last year I was running with the three’s but that was expected. Now I’m running with the two’s and it’s full-time and this is my permanent job. So it’s a different feel but at the same time what I say to myself is just try to get better as a quarterback."
For Vick, the silver lining in being the backup is it keeps him in shape.
"It helps me in so many ways because I don’t get the protection that I get from the one’s," Vick said. "I have to move a little bit."
Speaking of moving around, Vick is here now, not forever. With only a cursory grasp of the offense, it's hard to imagine him operating it as the starter. Vick also has an injury history. He missed a couple of games last year after being hit in limited use in the Wildcat formation.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

McDermott: 'Thanks for the players.'

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is enthused about the new help on defense.
And obviously only too happy to mention it.
Without being asked, McDermott interrupted his own answer at a news conference Saturday to make his announcement. The answer suggested he felt handcuffed after becoming defensive coordinator last year when Jim Johnson passed away during training camp.
"I give the credit to Coach Reid and Howie Roseman and the upper management for recognizing the need to invest in defense," McDermott said.
Gone from the '09 unit are key contributors Sheldon Brown, who had 5 interceptions, and Darren Howard (6 1-2 sacks). Linebacker Chris Gocong and defensive end Chris Clemons also are gone.
The Eagles traded for defensive end Darryl Tapp and linebackers Ernie Sims and Alex Hall, signed defensive back Marlin Jackson and drafted nine players including defensive end Brandon Graham, whom they traded up to get in the first round.

Kevin Kolb back at work after taking a longggg a.m. break while other quarterbacks worked.