Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jean-Gilles' weight-loss program: Milkshakes, soup, gastric band surgery

The writing might be on the wall for Max Jean-Gilles, who needs to have the training camp of his life to stick around for a fifth season with the Eagles, who are getting away from one-positional O-line players.
But Jean-Gilles is feeling good about the guy he sees in the mirror.
After hitting 388 pounds, he's shed 30 thanks to a diet of protein milkshakes and soup following the gastric band surgery limiting the food his stomach will hold.
Jean-Gilles was stepping out at practice Wednesday for select veterans and rookies.
The next step for Jean-Gilles, 26, is to regain his strength as he's been unable to workout for fear he will rip open the gastric band. Now, that's an ugly image for any 358-pounder.
"I'm feeling good," Jean-Gilles said. "I'm bouncing around out there. The coaches like what they see."
So does Big Max.


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