Friday, May 31, 2013

Marsh agrees with Williams that 'cream will rise to the top'

Thinks he's the cream that will rise to top.
Last week Eagles free agent addition Cary Williams blew off talk he'd fallen behind his teammates by missing most Organized Team Activities.

Williams, who among other things may have been suffering from post-Super Bowl letdown, having started at cornerback for the defending SB champion Baltimore Ravens, insisted it wouldn't be an issue catching up in time to start for his new team.

Williams, running on the second team, said "The cream will rise to the top."

That's also the way Eagles cornerback Curtis Marsh feels. And the first-team performer isn't in a hurry to give up the job, which should make for an interesting mandatory minicamp early next week.

"When you say the cream will rise to the top I think that means the best player will play," Marsh said. "He's confident in himself that he will be (the starter). I hope that every player on this team is confident that they are the best because that's how we're going to get better as a unit."

By the way, Williams took the day off Friday to attend his daughter's christening.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eagles owner "empathizes" with Jason Peters

Jeffrey Lurie energized at Eagles playground build.
Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie wouldn't share why left offensive tackle Jason Peters hasn't participated in two weeks of Organized Team Activities.

But Lurie indicated during the Eagles' 17th playground build, this one at 28th and Cecil B. Moore in North Philly that Peters isn't in the dog house.

"Jason’s great," Lurie said. "Jason really is in great shape. He’s got his own personal reasons why he can’t be here. And I actually empathize with him."

Though the OTAs are voluntary, Peters' absence in the wake of the change in Eagles head coaches was surprising. Some wondered if he was upset the Eagles slashed his salary in half last year after he sustained a non-football injury, a torn Achilles' tendon.

Though Peters felt he could have gotten back on the field last year, his rehab ahead of schedule the Eagles eventually put him on injured reserve.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Phillips, Peters missing from Eagles practice

No Kenny Phillips or Jason Peters here Tuesday.
Last week veteran safety Kenny Phillips spoke about easing his knee back into football shape and being ready when training camp and the regular season started.

Today Phillips was sidelined with a knee injury per Chip Kelly who declined to be any more specific. Phillips is coming off a sprained medial collateral ligament in his right knee. In 2009 he had microfracture surgery on the left knee.

An Eagles spokesman said it was the left knee that was giving Phillips trouble and that he was being backed off it as a precautionary measure.

Also missing from work Monday was left offensive tackle Jason Peters. Unbeknownst to media, Peters wasn't around last week, either, according to Kelly although a spokesman thought Peters had returned after experiencing travel difficulties due to bad weather. Peters is taking care of personal business per a league source.

Kelly basically said only that Peters' absence wasn't injury related. Organized team activities are voluntary.

Right tackle Dennis Kelly moved to left tackle for practice, with rookie first-round pick Lane Johnson taking snaps at right tackle.

"It was good, it felt good to get into a rhythm," Johnson said. "I went with the ones today and I had to help out with the threes, too, sometimes It wasn't too bad. They've seen me do well out here. They just want to see me use my hands more."

Johnson declined comment when asked if his elevation to the first team was planned.

"I have no clue," he said. "(Coach Jeff Stoutland) told me what to do and I went out there."

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Vick says he's fastest QB in NFL

Can beat Tiger Woods in the 40.
It has come to this for Michael Vick ...

Any quarterback who wants to race in the 40-yard dash, he's all in. Or so he said on an ESPN show.

Among the players Vick mentioned he was faster than during the interview were Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick.

Cute.  Vick has some wheels but I'm not sure he would want to take on RG3. Even coming off the knee issue.

Further, does a guy at this stage of his career, a quarterback approaching 33 years old really need to talk about how fast he is? How about saying something like, "I've read more defenses than those dudes have read tweets."

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eagles, Chiefs, NFL win totals

DeSean Jackson.
Over/Under Win Totals
Courtesy of

Eagles/Chip Kelly
Over                              7 (-115)
Under                            7 (-115)
Kansas City Chiefs/Andy Reid  
Over                              7 (-130)
Under                            7 (EVEN)
Arizona Cardinals
Over                              5½ (+120)
Under                            5½  (-150)
Atlanta Falcons
Over                              10 (+105)
Under                            10  (-135)
Baltimore Ravens    
Over                              8½ (-115)
Under                            8½ (-115)
Buffalo Bills
Over                              6½ (+110)
Under                            6½  (-140)
Carolina Panthers
Over                              7 (-130)
Under                            7 (EVEN)
Chicago Bears
Over                              8½ (-130)
Under                            8½ (EVEN)
Cincinnati Bengals
Over                              8½ (-130)
Under                            8½ (EVEN)
Cleveland Browns         
Over                              6 (-115)
Under                            6 (-115)
Dallas Cowboys       
Over                              8½ (-115)
Under                            8½ (-115)
Denver Broncos
Over                              11½ (EVEN)
Under                            11½ (-130)
Detroit Lions
Over                              7½ (-130)
Under                            7½ (EVEN)
Green Bay Packers   
Over                              10½ (-130)
Under                            10½ (EVEN)
Houston Texans          
Over                              10½ (-115)
Under                            10½ (-115)
Indianapolis Colts       
Over                              8½ (EVEN)
Under                            8½ (-130)
Jacksonville Jaguars   
Over                              5 (-115)
Under                            5 (-115)
Miami Dolphins
Over                              7½  (-135)
Under                            7½ (+105)
Minnesota Vikings 
Over                              7½ (EVEN)
Under                            7½ (-130)
New England Patriots 
Over                              11½ (EVEN)
Under                            11½ (-130)
New Orleans Saints      
Over                              9½ (-115)
Under                            9½ (-115)
New York Giants        
Over                              9 (-115)
Under                            9 (-115)
New York Jets
Over                              6½ (+110)
Under                            6½  (-140)
Oakland Raiders        
Over                              5½ (+120)
Under                            5½  (-150)
Pittsburgh Steelers       
Over                              9 (-115)
Under                            9 (-115)
San Diego Chargers     
Over                              7½ (EVEN)
Under                            7½ (-130)
San Francisco 49ers
Over                              11½ (EVEN)
Under                            11½ (-130)
Seattle Seahawks        
Over                              10½ (-130)
Under                            10½ (EVEN)
St. Louis Rams
Over                              7 (-115)
Under                            7 (-115)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Over                              7½ (-130)
Under                            7½ (EVEN)
Tennessee Titans        
Over                              6½ (EVEN)
Under                            6½ (-130)
Washington Redskins
Over                              8½ (+110)
Under                            8½  (-140)

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LeSean McCoy, Cary Williams return to practice

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was back at work Tuesday after leaving the Monday practice early due to a tweaked knee.

Eagles safety Kenny Phillips talks about his knee.

McCoy didn't make himself available for comment.

Also at work was cornerback Cary Williams, who had missed all of the organized team activities after getting married.
McCoy shrugs off tweaked knee.

Williams inked a three-year $17 million contract with the Eagles, including $10.5 million guaranteed. The total money wasn't measurably more than the offer he got from the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Momah, Carmichael and playing 'big'

Rookie wide receiver Ifeanyi Momah came to the right team to make up for lost time.
Momah after Eagles practice Monday.

The 6-7, 239-pound Momah chose the Eagles, where player development director Harold Carmichael works.

The 6-8 Carmichael made the Pro Bowl four times and amassed Hall of Fame-worthy receiving numbers in 13 seasons with the Eagles.

"He's about a half-inch taller than me," Momah said. "The first day I got here I went in his office. He grabbed me, actually, and was telling me all the things in this league I could do with my height. And I'm trying to go out and use all that stuff and make sure that I use my height. Instead of just being out there playing football, go out there and be big. That's the main thing that we have to work on. It's in all aspects. Get in between the defender using your body. Beat him down the field. Use your body to get position. Even in short routes, trying to post the guy up kind of like a basketball aspect to it."
Momah playing big at BC.

For now, Boston College product Momah is living the dream after a serious ACL tear almost forced him into early retirement.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eagles TE Harbor getting a look at OLB

Clay Harbor and a Browns LB.
Tight end Clay Harbor is coming off his best NFL season, having caught more passes than in his first two years combined.

Harbor’s touchdown grab won the Eagles' 2012 opener.

But in Chip Kelly’s tight end-friendly offense, four is a crowd.

So Harbor is getting a look at rush linebacker in addition to tight end. The full piece is here.

"I’m trying a little outside linebacker, actually, to be more versatile," Harbor said. "We'll see how it works out."

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

McCoy sued over party bus episode

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is being sued for allegedly assaulting a woman her on a "party bus,"according to

McCoy (r) with DeSean Jackson.
The matter occurred Dec. 18. In this report  McCoy's lawyer suggests his client's accuser wants to get paid.
The alleged victim claims she was "forcibly ejected" from the bus at a rest area on the New Jersey Turnpike by McCoy's bodyguard. 

The Eagles are aware of the suit but have no comment. 

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Eagles add RB Felix Jones

Felix Jones straight-arms Sean Jones.
The Eagles confirmed they've signed running back Felix Jones, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys to a one-year year contract.

The Patriots also were on the trail of Jones.

Jones (6-0, 200) is an explosive runner and kickoff returner when healthy who would fit almost perfectly into the Chip Kelly offense.

Jones averaged 4.8 yards per carry in five seasons with the Cowboys, rushing for 11 touchdowns. The former first-round draft pick is a threat in space in the receiving game averaging 8.3 yards per catch and scoring three TDs. Jones has a career average of  24.0 yards on kickoff returns.

While a healthy Jones, 26, would be an upgrade over Eagles running backs Bryce Brown and Chris Polk, that's easier said than done. A series of nagging hamstring, ankle and shoulder injuries has interrupted his NFL careeer.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

McCoy: Vick's false start on video

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy cannot let his loss in the 40-yard dash to teammate Michael Vick die.

You might feel the same way after hearing time and again that you were beaten by "an old man.

"Everywhere I go, from Philadelphia or wherever they keep asking me about it," McCoy said. " 'You let that old guy beat you? You let Mike beat you?' "

McCoy says the false start is on film  and that "the whole team kind of witnessed it. It blew up so fast they ran with it."

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kelly's first open Eagles practice is Monday

That's a heart monitor.
Lights, music, up-tempo football ... 

Chip Kelly's first practice open to the media is Monday. The action will be fast, probably furious and accompanied by loud music.

With the entire session open to scrutiny, the pecking order at quarterback, the unofficial depth charts and some of the alignments on both sides of the ball will be revealed.

It's going to be seriously interesting, even if it is a little less than two hours of work.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gocong trying to recover from latest 'sack'

Hard luck career...
Some things never change.

Take the hard luck of Chris Gocong.

Gocong registered 23 1-2 sacks his final year at Cal Poly. Since signing his first NFL contract seven years ago he's totaled 9 1-2 sacks, missing two full seasons due to injury.

The 2006 third-round pick of the Eagles sat out his rookie season due to a severe neck stinger.

Shipped to the Browns along with Sheldon Brown for linebacker Alex Hall (bust), Gocong had a recurrence of the neck issue and this past August ruptured an Achilles' tendon trying to cover a tight end during training camp.

Now Gocong is going through the difficult process of showing he's healthy enough to get back into the NFL, as he's trying out for the Eagles during rookie camp. 

"It's just one of those things," Gocong said. "If you have a serious injury teams want to see  how you are. And obviously I'm showing them that my injury is doing well."

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

McCoy disputes Vick's win in their sprintoff

McCoy wants a rematch.
Tired of hearing he'd been beaten by an old man, LeSean McCoy says he "caught" Michael Vick at the end of their recent race in the 40-yard dash.

Eagles running back McCoy also said during a studio interview with the NFL Network that Vick "won’t give me a rematch, so that tells you why.”

“See, I don’t want to tell the world what really happened but I think I need to," McCoy said. "Mike jumped early, so considering his age I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. He jumped early and I caught him at the end but they said he won. So I think for just the public and the publicity, Mike beat me."

Interestingly McCoy downshifted from his earlier sentiment that he felt Vick would be the starting quarterback on opening day of the Chip Kelly era in Philly.
“I would have to say that Michael is playing very well, he’s looking good," McCoy said. "And Nick Foles is looking good also, so they’re battling out. I’m pretty much comfortable with both players. Whoever Chip Kelly gives that call to that is going to lead this team, I’ll be playing right there with him. The good thing about Nick and Mike is they compete with each other very hard, very tough but they’re good friends. They push each other, so I’m excited to have two of those guys on the same team. Hopefully whatever guy it is the next guy will support him."

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