Wednesday, May 8, 2013

McCoy disputes Vick's win in their sprintoff

McCoy wants a rematch.
Tired of hearing he'd been beaten by an old man, LeSean McCoy says he "caught" Michael Vick at the end of their recent race in the 40-yard dash.

Eagles running back McCoy also said during a studio interview with the NFL Network that Vick "won’t give me a rematch, so that tells you why.”

“See, I don’t want to tell the world what really happened but I think I need to," McCoy said. "Mike jumped early, so considering his age I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. He jumped early and I caught him at the end but they said he won. So I think for just the public and the publicity, Mike beat me."

Interestingly McCoy downshifted from his earlier sentiment that he felt Vick would be the starting quarterback on opening day of the Chip Kelly era in Philly.
“I would have to say that Michael is playing very well, he’s looking good," McCoy said. "And Nick Foles is looking good also, so they’re battling out. I’m pretty much comfortable with both players. Whoever Chip Kelly gives that call to that is going to lead this team, I’ll be playing right there with him. The good thing about Nick and Mike is they compete with each other very hard, very tough but they’re good friends. They push each other, so I’m excited to have two of those guys on the same team. Hopefully whatever guy it is the next guy will support him."

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