Sunday, April 28, 2013

Your new Eagles ... on Twitter

You know you're fat when you eat a triple cheeseburger and carry on a conversation like it never happened

Great visit back in Philly today meeting everyone, even had my first Philly cheese steak. Big things ahead for The Eagles

s/o to all my Philly followers showing love this morning tho!!! Already loving the support and their attitude

So grateful for my family and all the coaches and players who helped me reach my dreams. Can’t wait to get started!

Its big day for my family and I. Please do not call me between the times of 5:30 and 11. My phone line must be open

I am excited to be an Eagle baby!!! Philly here I come! Much love to all the Utah fans out there thanks for all the support!!


David KingDavid King @king_maximus90
Can't. Sleep

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