Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eagles quarterbacks and hand size

... 10-inch hands.
Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is tuned in to the science of football, including the measurements of ankles for linemen.

Which brings us to hand size and quarterbacks.

Eagles passer Michael Vick has small hands, measuring an estimated 9 1-4 inches.
Nick Foles has enormous 10 5-8 inch hands.

Dennis Dixon has 9 3-4 inch hands.

Eagles fourth-round draft pick Matt Barkley has huge 10 1-4 inch hands.

What does it mean?

Some scouts feel Geno Smith's hands, which meaasured 9 1-4 inches, on the low side for a quarterback were partly why he fumbled  32 times.

Hand size, or the lack thereof is one of the reasons quarterback Daunte Culpepper slid down the draft board to a dome team (Vikings) in 1992. 

Smaller hands can create a grip issue particularly in
cold weather.

Is hand size an issue for Kelly?

E.J. Manuel, who the Eagles were sweet on, has 10 1-4 inch hands. He was drafted in the first round by the Bills.

By the way, Andrew Luck has 10-inch hands, Robert Griffin III 9 1-2 inch hands, Russell Wilson 10 1-4 inch hands.

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