Thursday, April 25, 2013

One more draft for Ridley Park's Mike Dougherty

This is the last Eagles' draft for Mike Dougherty, the Ridley Park resident retiring as video director effective after the weekend.

For the 32nd year Dougherty is stationed in New York City to relay the Eagles' picks to the NFL. Dougherty has seen it all and then some.

One of the few things that hasn't changed over the years is the phone system. He's tethered to the  Eagles by what today's standards looks almost like an antique phone.

In N.Y., Dougherty gets Eagles picks on this phone.
"It's gotten so big, it's gotten so crazy," Dougherty said of the draft. "It's a major thing now."

Dougherty spent some drafts with Jimmy Gallagher, the longtime public relations and personnel guy with the Eagles. Gallagher actually made some picks. Commissioner Roger Goodell inquired about Gallagher Thursday.

"He was just asking about Jimmy Gal," Dougherty said. "The Commissioner always asks. He never forgets."

Dougherty will miss the draft. He won't miss the time to be with his wife Marge and their children in retirement. After 37 years as the video director and 32 years making the Eagles' picks, he's earned it.

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