Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's in the size of a QB's hands?

Manuel's hand measured 10 1-4 inches.
Among the interesting points brought to my attention is the reported hand size of Geno Smith, one of the top rated quarterbacks in this draft.

The Eagles supposedly are hot on the trail of Smith, who they personally worked-out at West Virginia and brought in to tour the NovaCare Complex.

At the same time Eagles head coach Chip Kelly pays keen attention to the science of football, whether it's 40-yard dash times, measurements of ankle bones. protein shakes, heart monitors, sleep monitors, etc ... 

Which brings us to hand size. Smith's hand length measured 9 1-4 inches, which is on the low side for a quarterback. In the eyes of some scouts that lack of grip is the reason he fumbled  32 times.

Hand size, or the lack thereof is one of the reasons quarterback Daunte Culpepper slid down the draft board to a dome team (Vikings). By the way, in that same draft the cold weather Eagles selected Donovan McNabb, who had 10-inch hands.

Is hand size an issue for Kelly?

Stay tuned.

E.J. Manuel, another quarterback the Eagles have interest in, has 10 1-4 inch hands.

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