Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kelly says no 'can't-miss guys' in draft

No 10-year All-Pros in this draft.
Eagles head coach Chip Kelly seems to enjoy the draft game.

His assessment of the upcoming draft?

"I don't think there's an Andrew Luck or RGIII or someone that you say that guy's going to be a ten‑year All-Pro, one of the best," Kelly said Tuesday. "I had the opportunity to coach against Andrew Luck in our league. So he was as close as there was to a can't-miss guy. I don't see that type of guy in this draft at any position, to be honest with you."

Kelly threw a few darts at the imperfect science of drafting, explaining how NFL people didn't think Seahawks standout quarterback Russell Wilson was good enough to be drafted in the first two rounds. And the one he remembers most as per his New England roots.

"Everybody had six shots at Tom Brady," Kelly said. "They didn't take him at the right point in time. So it's easy to go hindsight and say we knew this draft was this. You really don't know. It's the same process that we went through in college."

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