Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mel Kiper has Eagles drafting Geno Smith

Chip Kelly's kind of guy?
In his latest mock draft, ESPN's Mel Kiper has quarterback Geno Smith of West Virginia coming off the board to the Eagles with the fourth overall selection.

Interesting. Here's what Mel said about Smith on a recent conference call with respect to the Eagles choosing a quarterback at 4:

"It's going to be the Geno Smith discussion.  Obviously a new coach, do you bring in your new quarterback with the new coach and go that route when you're in a division with Romo and Eli and RG3?  Do you go the offensive line route?  You've got some outstanding left tackles.  Joeckel if he goes No. 1 is out of the loop, but then obviously Eric Fisher from Central Michigan and Lane Johnson from Oklahoma, you want the cornerback Dee Milliner from Alabama, you could go there.  Then you can look quarterback second round, whether it's an E.J. Manuel, you hear his name for the Eagles in the early second round some.  You hear Matt Barkley to Jacksonville in the early second round.  I keep hearing Ryan Nassib to Buffalo for obvious reasons; his old coach Doug Marrone is the head coach at Buffalo with the Bills.

"So the Eagles, it depends on the first round pick.  That dictates what they do in round 2.  You take Geno Smith, you're not taking an E.J. Manuel.  You take Geno Smith, then you're probably looking at maybe a Watson, the offensive tackle from Florida State in the second round.  Third round maybe a corner like B.W. Webb from William & Mary.  So that's some of the ways the Eagles could go."

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