Tuesday, March 26, 2013

McNabb: 'Young deserves second chance'

Donovan McNabb weighed in on Vince Young, who has fallen so far off the football map he was reduced to throwing in front of pro scouts Tuesday at the Texas Pro Day for college draft prospects.

McNabb thinks fellow, former Eagles quarterback Young "deserves a second chance.

"Quarterback play has been really declining by a lot of different teams," McNabb said on the NFL Network. "Give him an opportunity to get back on his feet and also get himself established in this league. He was able to apologize to [Coach Jeff] Fisher and move on with his life. Give him an opportunity,  bring him into camp and show his talents once again."

Young had several chances with the Titans, who he alienated to the point they released him. He got a shot with the Eagles and did almost nothing with it except beat the Giants. Young bombed in Buffalo, partly because he also had to shake bill collectors reportedly hounding him for money.

Young was one of the best college football players ever. His game just didn't translate to the NFL, the winning record he owned with the Titans more a tribute to Fisher. That's why VY is unemployed.

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