Monday, March 11, 2013

Roseman pitches Anderson, Dorenbos

'Psst. You take this press release, Howie.'
In a procedural departure from the previous regime, Howie Roseman bravely straddled the G.M.-head coaching line in remarks furnished by the team after re-signing safety Colt Anderson and longsnapper Jon Dorenbos.

To wit:

“We are excited Jon and Colt will remain members of our team,” Roseman said in the statement. “These are two players who bring not only ability but a great amount of character to their respective positions. We anticipate they’ll both continue to have a strong impact as leaders on special teams. Coach (Chip) Kelly and I spoke about both players throughout the past several weeks and we both thought it was important for our club moving forward that we get a deal done with Jon and Colt before they hit the free agent market.”

That was much more authoritative then the during the disgustedly predictable Andy Reid era. There was no quote by Kelly in the news release.

It's also another indication of the power Roseman wields. After Roseman presented Kelly options at quarterback, the rookie NFL head coach agreed to bring Michael Vick, the symbol of failure under Reid, back on a one-year deal.

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