Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The new Chip Kelly offense

Dynasty didn't happen.
The skills sets of Eagles quarterbacks Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Dennis Dixon are distinctly different.

So, too, is the offense Chip Kelly will run. Different, at least, from the read option that enabled Kelly to go 46-7 at Oregon.

"People try to look at what we've done in the past and where I've been and kind of paint it with one brush because everybody wants a sound bite to say your offense is this," Kelly explained. "I don't think what we do offensively can be said in one or two words that we're either this or we're this.  We're an equal opportunity scoring operation.

"Whether we run the ball over the goal line or throw the ball over the goal line really doesn't bother me. It's how do we move the football.  There have been games we've had to throw it in our league 50 times and there are games we have to run it 50 times.  You need to be built for the long haul."

Vick and Dixon are mobile ... totally different from Foles, who concedes he's strictly a pocket passer. Foles is the least likely of the group to be around for the opener.

Vick and Dixon, on the other hand, almost certainly will be joined by a quarterback Kelly chooses in his first NFL draft.

The gut sense of NFL draft analysts, including Mike Mayock of the NFL Network, is the Eagles won't go for a quarterback in the first round, where they now own the fourth overall pick.

"I don’t see that at all," Mayock said. "They've now got three quarterbacks and I think Kelly is going to be pretty smart with how he handles all of that. I think it’s too early to be taking a flyer on a quarterback given the fact that they’ve got three there right now."

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