Friday, April 19, 2013

Wheeling, dealing the name of this NFL draft

Jordan could be the next Pierre-Paul.
Last year four of the first five teams in the draft traded out of those picks.

This year even the team with the No. 1 pick, the Chiefs, wants to move down.

That's partly because this draft has no consensus can't-miss prospects, as Eagles head coach Chip Kelly phrased it earlier in the week.

Partly because several teams are interested in moving up to fill specific needs, particularly on the offensive and defensive lines.

And partly because there's enough depth in the draft for teams at the top to trade out and add picks they can use to address multiple positions.

A respected NFL draft source tells me the first round of this draft will make last year's aggressive training seem conservative. Almost anything could go. Especially now that teams have adapted to the format with the first round consuming one full evening.

And while teams at the top are thinking of moving back, don't be surprised if the Eagles, with the fourth overall pick, move up to say the second spot. That's where they could collect a guy with immense upside like rush linebacker Dion Jordan, who Kelly coached at Oregon.

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