Saturday, March 21, 2015

The story behind Bednarik's 'Gifford hit'

Eagles linebacker Chuck Bednarik, who passed away Saturday at age 89, put Frank Gifford out of commission in a 1960 win over the New York Giants Yankees Stadium.
Chuck Bednarik and Frank Gifford (photo courtesy of Philadelphia Eagles).

The image is iconic for more than one reason.

In the book "New York Giants: The Complete Illustrated History," author Lew Freedman writes of how incensed Giants players were over the shot that knocked Gifford cold.

Gifford wasn't moving at all when he was carted off the field.

On the same afternoon a stadium guard died of a heart attack. The corpse was in another area of the locker room covered by sheets.

Giants players suspected it was Gifford. Even when it was revealed Gifford was alive, the rumor of his alleged death went viral, at least for that era.

Bednarik later worked for Channel 6 in Philadelphia where an assignment was doing an Eagles-Giants football game at New York.

Billy Werndl, his producer, said Bednarik asked unsuspecting groundskeepers about the hit the No. 60 made years ago on Gifford.
Werndl said the workers couldn't pronounce Bednarik's name correctly and called the tackle a cheap shot, infuriating the Hall of Famer.

Bednarik showed the groundskeepers the 1960 NFL championship ring he wore, told him the pronunciation was 'Bednarik" and that it wasn't a cheap shot. That pretty much scattered the critics.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eagles listening to offers for Evan Mathis

Eagles veteran guard Evan Mathis is available.
DeMarco Murray's partner, Heidi Mueller.

The club is listening to offers for the 33-year-old Mathis, who is due $5.5 million in base pay this season.

Chip Kelly said no Eagles are untouchable.

If Mathis isn't traded he likely will be released. That would result in a net savings of $3.5 million off the salary cap.

Heidi at DeMarco's presser.
Meanwhile the Eagles welcomed running back DeMarco Murray and his partner, Heidi Mueller to the NovaCare Complex Thursday.

Mueller is a soap opera and reality TV star.

Murray, the Cowboys star who led the NFL in rushing last year, has agreed to terms on a five-year contract, according to reports.
That's an Eagles lapel on Murray..

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bradford vows to be healthy by training camp

Sam Bradford is taking the rehab from a second straight torn left ACL less aggressively.
... Televangelist Joel Osteen.

Sam Bradford ...

Orthopedist Dr. James Andrews recommended it.

Bradford, at his intro news conference Wednesday, made it clear he intends to use the skepticism surrounding yet another comeback as "motivation.

"I understand it from their standpoint," Bradford said. "I'd probably be a little apprehensive, too. But I know how hard I've worked to get back this second time around. I'm ready to go as soon as they clear me. I can't wait to get on the field. I don't think anyone should be worried. I think once they see me on the field and they see how hard I'm going to work to get back, I think all those doubts are going to be gone from their minds."

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Graham: 'This is where I needed to be'

Brandon Graham is elated over the four-year $26 million contract he received from the Eagles.
Eagles were the right fit for Graham.

Right there with the money was the importance of being part of the right system, which the way the Eagles operate is primarily at rush linebacker.

"That was huge," Graham said on his way to signing the contract. "This is where I needed to be."

Graham will talk more about it at his 1 p.m. presser today.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Gore pulls out of Eagles deal

Already proving tough to replace ...
Running back Frank Gore, who reportedly agreed to terms with the Birds Sunday, apparently has changed his mind according to the NFL Network.

The San Francisco 49ers veteran is considering the Indianapolis Colts, according to the NFLN.

Speaking of the 49ers, there’s a report the Eagles  are among two teams attempting to trade for San Fran quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Jayson Braddock (@JaysonBraddock), who fancies himself as host of a couple of shows on KBME SportsTalk 790 in Houston, Texas, is admanant the Eagles are in the hunt.

The Niners denied it, of course, and so did that cable sports network that begins with a capital A.

“Lastly, for the record, direct quote, “SF put Kaepernick on the trading block” Braddock tweeted.

Braddock is the guy who broke the story about Maxwell agreeing to terms with the Eagles.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Technically they aren't on the roster.

But that hasn't stopped bloggers from noting how Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, formerly of Oregon has nine Ducks on the roster counting the trade for Kiko Alonso.

The group includes  linebacker Casey Matthews, defensive linemen Brandon Bair, Taylor Hart and Wade Keliikipi, running back Kenjon Barner and wide receivers Josh Huff, Jeff Maehl and Will Murphy.

Oh, and if you believe the rumors quarterback Marcus Mariota will join the list.

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