Friday, January 18, 2008

HARBAUGH is RAVENS head coach

The Baltimore Ravens made Eagles secondary coach John Harbaugh their head coach Friday after a second interview in Owings Mills, Md.

Harbaugh replaces Brian Billick, who was canned Dec. 31 after registering a 5-11 in his ninth season with the Ravens.

Harbaugh, 45, is the ninth-youngest head coach in the NFL. He coached Eagles special teams from 1998-2005 before switching to the secondary this past season.

The Ravens were turned down by their first choice, Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Garrett also flirted with the Atlanta Falcons before signing a new contract worth $3 million annually to remain in Dallas.

Harbaugh, whose brother Jim played for the Ravens, was a finalist for the UCLA job last month that went to Ravens offensive assistant Rick Neuheisel.


Eagles secondary coach John Harbaugh returned to Baltimore Friday for a second interview with the Ravens, who are looking to replace dismissed head coach Brian Billick.

Unlike Jason Garrett, Harbaugh wants the job.

Garrett leveraged the Ravens to get a contract extension from the Dallas Cowboys averaging $3 million a year.

Garrett will remain as offensive coordinator, and many believe he's been (wink-wink) promised the head coaching job the next time the Cowboys (wink-wink) have an opening.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the QB or the COORDINATOR has got to go

In one breath Monday, Andy Reid talked about thoroughly evaluating the Eagles during the offseason, about looking at everything from “A to Z.”

A few minutes later Reid completely avoided questions about his coaching staff and the changes he might make there.

That was notable for Reid is perplexed by the Eagles’ inability to turn big yardage resulting in lofty offensive records into points.

It’s the responsibility of Reid and coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who for all of their X’ng and O’ng, put the Eagles in position to score more than 17 points in just five of 16 games.

For Reid, there’s a fundamental issue that must be resolved here; change the type of plays called or change the quarterback.

That the Eagles stuck with a script the still unhealthy Donovan McNabb clearly was uncomfortable with is an indictment of the coaching fraternity.

Trying to teach a 31-year-old quarterback with a knee that never will be the same new tricks is one thing.

Trying to run an ineffective red zone offense over and over and over is exactly what got head coach Brian Billick canned by the Baltimore Ravens, and rightfully so.