Friday, July 22, 2011

Eagles' Laws says players aren't bad guys for calling timeout to study global settlement

Veteran Eagles defensive tackle Trevor Laws said Friday NFL players need time to look into the owners' settlement reached Thursday because it will influence careers for the next 10 years.

After a workout at the Power Train Institute in Cherry Hill, N.J., Laws said there are some things he likes about the proposed deal - and a lot of items he and his teammates need to understand before approving it.

"It's just so much posturing and so much politics right now," Laws sai. "I think what the NFL did yesterday, people aren't taking it too well. It felt like kind of a power play by them. wasn't there. I don't know what's gling on for sure. But obviously a power play is going on right now."

Laws feels the positive energy heading toward a new Collective Bargaining Agreement wasn't helped by the owners' insistence that the players would agree to the new pact.

"It seemed like they were working together pretty well," Laws said. "Then when they kind of put that out there and made it seem like if the players don't sign it the players are the bad guys, I think that was kind of a calculated move by them just to make us look bad."


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