Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hopefully it's a Favre-fetched rumor

Brett Favre has a good relationship with Eagles head coach Andy Reid.
Favre's aversion to NFL offseasons and penchant for delaying his decision to play another year of football has been lost in the labor dispute.
Brett Favre, approaching 42 years old, backing up Eagles whaleback Michael Vick this season?
Howard Eskin said on NBC10  Saturday evening  the Eagles could sign Favre, assuming the trade Kevin Kolb.
In terms of knowing the offense and not needing an offseason to step in and win games, it makes sense.
But the first time Vick struggles, guess what? And the second, third and fourth times.
God forbid Vick is sidelined by injury. Here we go again with musical chairs. That quarterback routine works just well enough to reach the playoffs.
The locker room definitely would be livelier with the addition of Favre. But that might not be such a good thing. Ask the Jets.

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