Tuesday, March 30, 2010

McNabb issues to be addressed today at 5 o'clock

on Comcast SportsNet by myself and other esteemed panelists.
Also veterans Chris Gocong (LB) and Ellis Hobbs (CB) signed their one-year tenders Tuesday.
Hobbs was tendered at  $2.621 million, the first round level for a veteran with five accrued seasons. The Eagles would get a first round pick if they decline to match offers for Hobbs before April 15.
Gocong was tendered at $1.176 million, the draft round level for a player with four seasons. The Eagles would be entitled to a third-round pick if they decline to match an offer for Gocong before April 15.
As for McNabb ...
The Raiders may be in the hunt, as reports suggest. Traditionally their denials are an affirmation of interest.
Are they the most serious player? Hardly.
Is Buffalo a worse landing spot?


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