Saturday, July 31, 2010

Despite DJ injury, Birds have deep threat; plus 'dumb media question of the day'

The only real good news in the wake of the back injury suffered late Saturday afternoon by Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson is the Eagles still have a defense-stretching deep threat.
The worst-case scenario of Jeremy Maclin on the other end of Kevin Kolb's deep throws is pretty appealing. Maclin has more straight-line speed than Jackson, who, we all know, still plays faster than virtually any receiver in the league.
Jackson also appeared to hurt his right leg as he fell awkwardly to the ground between a couple of defenders. The Eagles would report only the back injury although they added that Jackson was still being evaluated.

Here's your ridiculous media question of the day as posed to cornerback Ellis Hobbs, who participated in his first contact work Saturday after sustaining a broken neck.

Question: When you get jarred a little bit, do you feel a sensation through your neck at all?

Hobbs: I better not. Or I've got to go talk to the doctor.


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