Tuesday, August 17, 2010

McCoy remebers '36 West'

LeSean McCoy got a little choked up reacting to Brian Westbrook's late opportunity to join the San Francisco 49ers.
McCoy took one of those "phewwww" deep breaths because Westbrook was more than just his teammate in 2009.
"Since Day One he’s embraced me with open arms and has been good to me teaching me things," McCoy said. "And he treats me like a little brother. I even stayed at his house on his couch. So he’s treated me well off the field."
At his introductory news conference in SFO, Westbrook said he was healthy, in shape and eager to start the next chapter.
“It just feels like a really good fit for me,” he said of the 49ers, regarded as one of the premier defensive teams in the NFC.


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