Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who's the Eagles QB?

The Eagles labored to get ahead on a 45-yard first-quarter field goal by David Akers/.
Tight end Brent Celek didn't help matters committing the fourth Eagles penalty of the half, pushing off Clay Matthews.
Michael Vick, the backup quarterback, ran three times on the eight-play, 26-yard series so dysfunctional Kevin Kolb might end up needing group therapy.
At the end of the trip you wondered what in the world the Eagles coaches were thinking. They didn't make it at all easy on Kolb.
Kolb completed just 1 of three passes for 5 yards in the first quarter.
Counterpart Aaron Rodgers connected on 6 of 10 attempts for 39 yards and was sacked twice by Juqua Parker.


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