Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reid: "The next (QB) comes in and ... we just keep going"

Still cannot get over what Andy Reid said Saturday after being asked if the offense would reach its true potential only after one quarterback played for an extended stretch.

The answer should have been 'yes.' How hard is that?

Due to injuries and misjudgment, let me add, Reid has gone back and forth with Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick at quarterback.

Vick clearly is the better guy when healthy. Take a voice vote in that locker room and even Brent Celek would go with Vick.

Reid admitted he erred at quarterback when he stuck with Vick rather than return to Kolb after the latter healed from a concussion.

But this was Reid's answer when asked if the offense wouldn’t reach its peak until one quarterback is in the lineup for a long stretch:

“You know, I haven’t felt that way," Reid said. "You’d think that would be the case. That’s kind of what’s unique about this here. That next guy comes in and it’s not like we back up, we just keep going. Give him what we need to give him and they roll.”

Maybe Reid was doing his executive vice president of football operations thing. There is a lot of talk about a new contract for Vick.

If Big Red was trying to say something about the immense talents of wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who has made Vick, Kolb and former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb all look good,  then maybe he ought to adjust DJax's contract.


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