Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reid, Hobbs question media; DJax says he's game-time decision

A very interesting Wednesday for the Eagles starting with Andy Reid's announcement that Dimitri Patterson would start at cornerback instead of Ellis Hobb, who is battling a strained hip flexor.

Reid conceded the injury occurred during Hobb's disastrous performance two Sundays ago against receiver Kenny Britt and the Titans.

"We'll let that calm down a little bit," Reid said.
There was no calm on this day, though.

First, Reid became testy when it was suggested Hobb's injury had been hidden.

"Is there something here I don't know?" Reid said.

Then Hobbs tried to explain the injury came before the performance, or lack thereof. You know how football players get walking that fine line between whiner and macho when it comes to injuries. Finally Hobbs believes he's giving his job up only temporarily - and for the good of the team.

"Right now, no, I'm not disappointed at all," Hobbs said. "Me and (Reid) talked. I told him how I was feeling, what was going on. And  totally we're both on the same page. Right now I've got to get myself right in order to perform. We're going from practice to practice. As of right now I'm not practicing today and we're going from that."

Hobbs then took umbrage when it was suggested Patterson had won the starting job.

Hobbs says he doesn't follow news reports but his friends do.

"They tell me things and I just don't appreciate people just railroading that to the fans and everything as far as, 'OK, this guy had a bad game and now he's (benched),' " Hobbs said. "That's not the case. It's something totally different than what you guys are looking at. And like I said, it's my personal right not to disclose that right now. But just don't go out there now running on assumptions. That's all I ask. Just don't take something and run for it. Leave it at, we had a bad game. Probably one of my worst games ever. But it's much more beyond that. Unfortunately we're not dealing with everything you can see right now."

Reid indicated Hobbs and offensive tackle King Dunlap (hyperextended knee) would have a tough time getting healthy enough to oppose the Indianapolis Colts Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

Meanwhile DeSean Jackson returned to practice having passed his concussion tests. Barring setbacks, he's on track to get back into action.

"DeSean has passed his tests, visited with the doctors and did everything," Reid said. "We'll take it day by day and see how he does."


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