Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Most depressed NFL city? Avvo says it's Philly, not Detroit, Cleveland, Dallas ...

Philadelphia is the most depressed NFL city according to Avvo, which offers free ratings and analysis of cities.

Now, I don't know about you but whenever I'm thinking about relocating the first thing I ask myself is how does the place I might move to feel about their NFL team. I mean, what else would I want to know?

Here's a link to the Avvo analysis (http://tinyurl.com/6jvou7r)

And here's their top 14 most depressed NFL cities (how could Detroit and Cleveland be so far down the list?):

1. Philadelphia - Because no one wants to be defensive coordinator?
2. Atlanta - Only Arthur Blank and his wife attend the games.
3. Cincinnati - So desperate for attention they'll sign anyone.
4. Houston - Should move to San Antonio.
5. San Diego - Could make a case for No. 1.
6. Detroit - Should be No. 1.
7. Jacksonville - Great press parking.
8. Cleveland - Should be No. 2.
9. Charlotte - Town closes before 1 o'clock games end.
10. Seattle - Caffeine rush eliminates depression.
11. Phoenix - Impossible to get depressed in their weather.
12. Buffalo - Don't be suprised if they move to Canada.
13. Nashville - Football just a diversion from Grand Ole Oprey.
14. Minneapolis - After Brett Favre fiasco, they're No. 3.


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