Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar, not Lombardi for Luries

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and wife Cristina won an Oscar last night for best documentary feature at the 83rd Academy Awards.

Almost instantly the absurdity hit home; i.e. the former Hollywood producer won an Oscar before a Lombardi, the latter the trophy given the Super Bowl winners.

Just say the documentary "Inside job" investigates the global financial crisis that began in 2007 when the banking business collapsed. The film interviews politicians, academics, financial insiders and even journalists supporting the cause. The Luries are the film's executive producers.

“The Academy’s recognition of Inside Job is a distinct honor," the Luries said in a statement. "We are humbled by winning this Oscar and we are very proud of the outstanding work of Charles Ferguson, Audrey Marrs and the entire team associated with the movie. Our goal was to bring a fair and thoughtful presentation of the actions that led to the financial collapse and show how it has negatively impacted millions of lives across the world. People are still suffering from this economic disaster and it is our hope that by understanding its root causes it can be better prevented in the future.”

If the Eagles fail to win a Super Bowl soon, Lurie deserves an award for claiming that is his focus. Then again, Lurie can take solace in veteran songwriter Randy Newman, who won his second Oscar in 20 nominations. Eagles head coach Andy Reid is 0-for-12 seasons in the Super Bowl-winning department.


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