Thursday, April 21, 2011

Troy Vincent to introduce Eagles second round pick at draft

To steal a little of the labor thunders that's made the immensely popular NFL draft just another lottery the league is importing former star players to introduce the second round picks of the teams they played for.

In that vein cornerback Troy Vincent is going to introduce the Eagles' second-rounder, which could be their first overall pick if they trade back. Vincent also played for the Buffalo Bills who will turn to Andre Reed, the product of Kutztown University, to announce their second-rounder.

Ironically Vincent was the early favorite to become the new executive director of the NFL Players Association but lost to DeMaurice Smith amid what appeared very much like a smear campaign that just wasn't Vincent's game. Vincent now works for the NFL as a labor consultant.

The complete list of NFL retirees introducing the second round choices is here:


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