Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shady OK with Smith, not Osi

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and the starters will play the first half Thursday when the Eagles oppose the Steelers at Heinz Field in their second preseason game.

King Dunlap will start at right tackle.

Newly acquired wide receiver Steve Smith (PUP) won't play.

To clear up any confusion, McCoy said there are no hard feelings for Smith by virtue of their Twitter battle. Smith attacked McCoy for attacking Giants defensive end Os Umenyiora,

"There’s no issue, really," McCoy said of Smith. "He’s a new member of our team. We embraced him. We’re happy to have him. He’s going to help us out. I don’t really know him too well. I mean I haven’t really seen him too much because he’s like injured and going back and forth. But he’s a teammate of mine, you know? Whatever happened is in the past. Now with Osi, it’s a different story.”

McCoy was funning with the Osi remark. But don't expect the issue to die.


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