Sunday, December 4, 2011

NBC Sports: To save job, Reid must ax Castillo

Big Red with Sean McDermott.
NBC's s Mike Florio says if Eagles head coach Andy Reid wants to keep his job, he has to choose between Michael Vick and Juan Castillo.

Here's the excerpt Florio offered Sunday on NBC Football Night In America:

“Michael Vick will be back and he will want Andy Reid to be back. I am told Andy Reid will keep his job if he will admit that hiring Juan Castillo to be the defensive coordinator was a mistake, and move on from Castillo. If he doesn’t, Reid will be fired.”

Earlier Sunday The National Football Post floated a similar  speculative report.

Trust me, only Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and team president Joe Banner know which way they're leaning. But as the losses have worsened and the frustration has mounted it hasn't  helped them think of the right plan to sell Reid for 2012. I'm not so sure the defensive coordinator end around is the answer.

I don't know how Reid could stick around next year if he followed  the order to fire Castillo, the epitome of hard work and unwavering loyalty. It would be like disowning family.

I don't know how Reid could walk into that Eagles locker room after canning Castillo and be respected and effective.

The coaching staff is a head coach's prerogative. Reid abruptly canned Sean McDermott, his last defensive coordinator, after the 2010 season and resisted hiring an outside guy, preferring to switch Castillo from the offensive line.

If Reid complied with this order, he'd better be prepared to get help with his clock management, too.

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