Tuesday, July 17, 2012

With probation ending Friday, Michael Vick could become a dog owner

Protest in St. Louis for Eagles 2011 season opener.
Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told me his probation ends Friday.

He declined to say much more.

One of the stipulations of Vick's three-year probation after 22 months of incarceration for operating an illegal dog fighting ring was that he not own a dog. This ASPCA statement says it all.

Vick has intimated he wants to be a dog owner again.

There could be an answer in the autobiography Vick wrote with Brett Honeycutt and Stephen Copeland.

The book is titled Michael Vick: Finally Free, The Power of A Second Chance. The forward is by mentor Tony Dungy, the retired NFL head coach. The authors are Brett Honeycutt and Stephen Copeland of Sports Spectrum Magazine, a national faith-based publication. According to the authors it's full of never-before-told stories about Vick's childhood, career and incarceration.

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