Friday, August 24, 2012

Greatest Eagle ever, Steve Van Buren, is dead

Eagles Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Steve Van Buren passed away Thursday at age 91 in Lancaster.

Led Eagles to 2 championships.
Van Buren had been in a nursing home.

The last time I saw a reasonably healthy Van Buren was during the 1994 Eagles season.

Running back Charlie Garner had rushed for 100 yards in back-to-back games. Van Buren did that regularly during a record-setting career from 1944-51 with the Eagles. And he played  defense as well.

So Van Buren visited the Eagles' locker room to say hello to Garner, whom he towered over. He shook the hands of reporters and graciously posed for photos and signed  autographs for players and guests.

Couldn't help but ask Van Buren about the coaching job he did years back with the JV football team at Cardinal O'Hara in Springfield. Lions head coach Bobby Ewing asked him to speak to the team, and from what I hear he was well received.

Van Buren still was feeling the effects from a stroke and unable to be real talkative in that Vet Stadium locker room. But he smiled, winked and nodded yes when asked how enjoyable the JV gig was. You could feel the power, the legend, the greatness right there.

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