Monday, October 29, 2012

It's time to start the rookie QB

The time is Nick Foles'.
Michael Vick isn't running the West Coast offense.

It's tough trying to figure out what the veteran is operating partly because of the restructured offensive line, the less than precision routes run by the receivers and the ever-changing offensive philosophy.

One week the Eagles want to be vertical. The next week they're dink and dunk. One week
they're dedicated to running back LeSean McCoy. The next week he's forgotten.

The arguments to keep Vick on the job have merit. This one in BleacherReport suggests putting rookie quarterback Nick Foles into such a pressure packed-situation would be all but fatal to the Eagles' season.

Foles, however, can't run the offense worse than Vick is right now. He'll take some hits, for sure. At 6-6, 243-pounds, he can take a lot of hits. Foles also will find receivers. He'll get the Eagles first downs that will give the defense fresher. And guess what? Foles looks like he's going to be very good in the red zone. His height, release and quick decision-making are advantages.

It will take time. Some veterans won't like what could be construed as a move more about giving up on the season.

The reality is there isn't much of a season right now with Michael Vick at quarterback. By his own admission he's done the best he can. He's given it everything he has.

And the Eagles are 3-4 for it.

It's time to try another quarterback.

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