Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kelly's scientific training on point

From the way the warm-ups are choreographed to the food in the cafeteria and the sleep guidelines, Chip Kelly established a new training standard with the Eagles.
In the red Nick Foles, Matt Barkley, Michael Vick perform scientific stretch.

Around the NovaCare Complex they call it 'scientific training.' (As opposed to the unscientific training of past regimes, of course.)

It's early but the belief of players and coaches is the players have a little more pep in their step.

"I've never been around something as detailed as what Chip brings to the table in the sports science and the recovery part of everything," defensive coordinator Bill Davis said. "I'm amazed at the energy and the lack of soft tissue injuries and all of the things that we've had. And just the way the guys have bought in. I think the healthier you are and the fresher you are, the more energy you bring to the field on Sunday. And the more chance you have of winning."

The Eagles can confirm what Davis spoke of down the homestretch. They're 6-5 with a three-game winning streak entering the bye week.

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