Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DJax posturing for trade

The Eagles are listening to offers for leading wide receiver DeSean Jackson according to Derek Gunn of CSN Philly.

Rewind to January and it was Jackson, immediately after the 2013 season, who wanted the Eagles to accommodate him  with a contract restructuring.

Jackson said he and his agent had a good plan. It sure looks like we're learning about one of the components.

Any trade for Jackson won't be complete without a contract assurance on his end.

No team wants an unhappy Jackson. The Eagles went through that in 2011.

The Eagles have had to be concerned about Jackson  becoming an off the field distraction.

The latest example we know of is the reported burglary oh his Philly place.

Not long after Jackson said he wanted a new contract, he was away on vacation when his mother reported his house was burglarized. An estimated $300,000 in cash and jewellery was stolen.

Jackson, who documented the trip on social media offered a $50,000 reward the arrest and conviction of the burglars.

How would you like to be the police sorting that out?

The Eagles put walk-away prices on players. Right now it looks like
they're figuring out what it is for Jackson, who isn't the only guy capable of  stretching a defense.

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