Friday, September 12, 2014

Eagles 0-for-1 in new replay appeal system

In time, Chip Kelly expects the change in the Eagles' replay review operation to work out well.
Anyone know anything about shortening podiums?

But it didn't happen in the opener.

In the fourth quarter the Eagles appealed an incomplete pass by Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne on the grounds it was a fumble. They were denied. The call on the field stood.

In a long season, the new hire cannot help but do better than last year. The Eagles missed four of seven replay appeals.

Hiring someone exclusively for replays enables the coaches Kelly previously relied on to be his eyes in the sky to focus on their own jobs. All too often they're watching a monitor waiting to determine if the play in question should be reviewed.

"We don't get the same feed all the time that the people on TV get," Kelly said. "We're governed by the feed that we get in the box. And there's been some games where I've asked, shall we challenge? And our guys in the box say 'we haven't see a replay yet.' And it always seems like it happens when we're on the road. It's happened in two cities specifically this year when I wanted to challenge it but we didn't get a replay. So it's tough for those guys to tell me. And we're not going to challenge it because it is taking a timeout. We're not going to guess on what we saw. You've got to be able to see the replay."

The Eagles' replay guy is Frank Kosman, former ACC senior replay official per

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