Saturday, October 11, 2014

Not a great time for this cartoon of Eli

The Eagles' website peeps had a little fun commissioning a cartoon video of Eli Manning cowering in the darkness of Lincoln Financial Field while taunted by Eagles players in their new all-black look.

It's amusing ... to a degree.

Week 6: #BlackSunday from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

Unfortunately this is the new NFL. And, as the New York Daily News pointed out, the anti-hazing, anti-bullying NFL.

Interestingly enough those are the actual voices of the corresponding Eagles' players dubbed into the video.

This just in, guys ... The Giants don't need any added incentive to protect Manning or get after you. It's a division game, right?

The Giants will see the video. Most of them won't be amused. Hopefully, for the sake of the offense it doesn't result in an enraged Giants player taking a shot at Nick Foles and shouting "BOO!"

Or pulling his, uh, shirt over his head.

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