Monday, November 24, 2014

Nick Foles 'doing good,' return near

You haven't seen the last of Nick Foles this season.
Sanchez showing how he'll hold off Foles to keep starting job.

A source confirmed that Foles is "doing good" in his comeback from a cracked collarbone.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, who enjoys blowing off injury questions, conceded that Foles was one healing X-ray or so away from being relevant again.

"Yeah, he’s supposed to have a follow-up, I don’t know if it’s this week or next," Kelly said Monday. "I know he’s working extremely hard from a rehab standpoint. The whole decision will be made based upon what the bone is. He’ll get that X-ray at some point."

Look for something positive to happen with Foles within two weeks. That's when Kelly has a decision to make about his starting quarterback - if, of course he hasn't made one already.

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