Sunday, December 6, 2015

Breaking: Chip Kelly returning next year

This should set everyone worried about Chip Kelly's future at ease.

CBS Sports Insider Jason LaCanfora says Kelly is sticking around. Eagles ownership HAS NO PLANS to move on from him, for whatever that's worth.
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It's basically a rewrite of recent reports although it leaves the door open for Kelly to leave, which really is not at all on the table now. Owner Jeff Lurie will have to fire him, Kelly told players his players in so many words this past week.

Kelly haters need to know that Lurie doesn't fire head coaches who have won with two years left on their contracts until they lose in back to back seasons. We would have heard about coaching candidates by now. A coaching change is a huge undertaking for Owner Jeff. Chip might not be Jeff's besty but he does have a trip to the playoffs on his resume.

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