Friday, August 10, 2007


See the Cowboys-Colts game on Fox? The Colts didn't do the worst job stopping the run in the red zone but outside it they were pushed around. The Eagles are going to get the same kind of test each and every time they take the field beginning Monday night basically because the old axion in the NFL is run it until they stop it. Last year the Eagles didn't stop the run especially in the playoffs. With big RB Willis McGahee running the stretch behind an enormous and athletic line the Baltimore Ravens area the perfect preseason test. The LB's are on the spot as is DT Brodrick Bunkley, the 2006 first-round draft pick still trying to connect the dots. if Bunkley doesn't show anything Monday move veteran DE Darren Howard to tackle and play DE Vic Abiamiri inside in pass rush situations.


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