Monday, August 27, 2007


- Rookie QB Kevin Kolb ... At one point in his news conference Andy Reid attempted to downplay the amazing play of Kolb by intimating the passer learned the game was a lot faster with the first team offense. Kolb said that was almost no factor and there was almost nothing he felt uncomfortable about other than taking snaps from starting C Jamaal Jackson; they rarely connect in practices.

- QB Donovan McNabb ... No. 5 sure looks like he's all the way back from the knee surgery, although he says he's not there - yet. He's throwing with more pace and making some pretty good decisions in the hurry-up offense. If he stays healthy there's no one better in the NFC. Don't tell me Drew Brees or Matt Hasselbeck.

- QB A.J. Feeley ... For some reason Reid found the need to say Donovan McNabb was the starting QB, and that no one should get carried away. Reid also said the No. 2 guy right now is Feeley, not Kolb, although the latter's progress obviously has closed the gap.

- Backup QB Kelly Holcomb ... The worst kept secret is that he will be dealt. At 34, he's added the West Coast offense to an impressive resume. That could keep him working five more years.


- KR Jeremy Bloom ... He doesn't look nearly as aggressive as in his first outing and watched Greg Lewis, Correll Buckhalter and J.J. Outlaw take a bunch of his reps versus Pittsburgh. Bloom still isn't playing fast. He's playing too conservatively, letting the ball play him and more importantly, he's not making any tacklers miss.

- LB Chris Gocong ... Over-pursued, missed tackles and never got his legs under him against Pittsburgh, and everybody is going to take a look at that film.


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