Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Releasing Jeremiah Trotter had to be done. The fire wasn't gone but the performance had declined significantly the past two seasons. People seem to have forgotten the not-so-distant divisional playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints. Trotter wasn't the only reason the Eagles were beaten but he was part of the overall problem on defense - tired legs. The Saints wore the Eagles out with a 200-plus yard rushing attack. It was difficult watching Deuce McAllister run away from Trotter, who was giving everything he had and only a couple years ago would have put the runner flat on his back. But this just isn't the Pro Bowl version of Trotter, not anymore. Don't cry for Trotter. He secured a big contract after the 2004 Super Bowl season, his most memorable with the Birds. His legacy of giving everything he had will last forever. Sadly, the reality is he just didn't have much more to give.


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